Art Club ― Next Year

May 11, 2021

Art Club ― Next Year


There are many clubs at Westlake that are for everyone! One of those clubs is Art Club. I know there are many clubs, and all of them would be fun to write about, but there is a reason that I chose to write about this particular club.

When I was in Art Club, there were only a few people who showed up to the meetings. Maybe 5-10 people. Really only about 20 people joined this club. I wanted to encourage people to join Art Club next year so it is a great place to be!


Why Kids Should Join Next Year

Art Club – Mrs. Seckendorf

If you are the kind of person who likes to be creative, have fun, and just likes art in general, this is the club for you. During this school year, Art Club only about half the people who usually sign up did. This impacted the club a lot which is why we are encouraging kids to join next year so Art Club can be even more fun! Art Club in 2020-2021 also stuck to mostly YouTube videos for drawing so were not able to show as much creativity.

More info from Mrs. Seckendorf about Art Club and why kids should join…

What are some interesting things about Art Club?  Anything that makes this club unique?

     The Art Club is a place to meet other students that are passionate about making art and a place to deepen your knowledge about artmaking techniques to create art. Students learn the most from seeing what other students are creating, and sharing ideas, and inspiring each other to create new ideas. Unique: in the past, Art Club has had 60 students show up each Wednesday morning to make art together, and we celebrate each holiday by bringing in a potluck breakfast, it’s a lot of fun. (Not sure if the food part will be allowed for 2021-22 since Covid though). Art Club does not replace a formal art class that our school offers or do any art class projects, but it is a way to learn different things we do not do in Art Club. 


How will your club be different in non-COVID times?  What will we be able to do next year that we were not able to do this year?

     The club will be different because it will not be over zoom! Yay! Students will be sitting together in groups of 6 in the art room, in a social community, using a variety of art materials, techniques, and papers, learning new ideas together. while talking and laughing.  We don’t generally use any YouTube drawing tutorials. We sometimes create a large group project to brighten up our school hallways, or help decorate the library displays or do individual projects. 

Why should kids give Art Club a second chance, if they joined, and did not enjoy it?

     If they like to make art AND they want to meet others, they should come and try it. Making art over zoom with half of the students not turning on their videos, or not talking with one another is not the same as being in a community of others to make art. Even though we had a great group of students this past year join Art Club, we were pretty tired of zooming after school. When we are in person, it is much more fun.

Anything else you would like to add about Art Club?

     Art Club is one of my favorite times of my week. I love to see each and every student learn more art techniques and grow as an artist- and I get the special job of knowing you all three years in middle school. I am truly the lucky person to be the sponsor of the Art Club!






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