SPOTLIGHT ON: The Environmental Club


Olivia Hornsby, Dedicated Writer

The environment is super important, and we just happen to have a club at Westlake that focuses on learning about and helping the environment! For this issue, I interviewed Mrs. Davis, the sponsor of  the Environmental Club to find out about what they have been doing, where they meet, and how to join!

Interview with Mrs. Davis, Sponsor

What has Environmental Club been doing this year?

“We have been researching several topics, including recycling, food waste, environmental issues, endangered species, creating environmental facts for Earth Week and more! When we were in person last semester, we also collected the recycling for the school.”

Where and when does Environmental Club meet?

“We meet every first and third Tuesday of the month on Zoom or independently (I post research projects or topics to work on over two weeks).”

How can people who are interested join the Environmental Club?

“Attendance is different each time, but I have about 10 club members. I am always looking for more students who are interested in joining!  Anyone interested should email me or come to a meeting.”

Does Environmental Club do any kind of projects? If so, what are some examples?

“We have done a lot of research projects about recycling, endangered animals, and other environmental issues.”

What impact do you think Environmental Club has on the school/community?

“I think we are still building interest and engagement since the club is still so new. My hope is to create a program for better, more thoughtful recycling in our school, someday to grow a garden on the school grounds, and to create more projects dealing with sustainability and environmental issues of students’ choice!”

Overall, it seems like Environmental Club would be super fun! They have done all sorts of cool things to raise awareness and learn all they can about the environment! If you think that would be cool, try joining the club, because you can never be too involved in the school! Thank you for reading this article, and thank you, Mrs. Davis, for letting me interview you.