Sisters and Pole Vaulters


Lizzie Olivier, Dedicated Writer

Victoria Spitzley

Two eighth graders at Westlake are pole vaulters.  Victoria and Alessandra Spitzley share their thoughts about this challenging sport below.  Check out what they say about it.


Victoria: I first got interested in pole vault in 5th grade after watching American Ninja warrior and noticing how all the really good competitors had been vaulters. My mom found a club on Facebook and I started jumping two and a half years ago.

Alessandra: In 2019 I got interested in pole vault because my sisters were vaulting and I thought it looked like fun. I have been vaulting for about 2 years.


Victoria: If someone was interested in vaulting I would say that there is really nothing like it but pole vault is a sport that requires immense dedication and you have to be able to work very hard. I have competed in dozens of pole vault competitions in Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, and California. They can be very intimidating. When the bar is put up everything else fades away and all you can think about is getting over the bar.

Alessandra: If someone was interested I would say that it is hard work but it is worth it and a lot of fun. I have done several competitions in Colorado, Michigan, and California and they are a lot of fun and can be stressful at times.


Victoria: My favorite part about pole vault is when you compete you don’t have to compete against other people it’s just you against yourself.

Alessandra: The best part for me is when I clear a bar and it just feels good.


Victoria:My least favorite part about pole vault is the waiting. In competition, all you want to do is jump but you first have to wait for everyone else to jump.

Alessandra: My least favorite part is that it is hard and can be annoying when I don’t get make progress as quickly as I would like.


Victoria: The hardest part of learning pole vault is figuring out how to carry the pole so that you can lower it in time to plant. In vaulting the most dangerous thing is when you can’t drive the pole or you let go of the pole in mid-air.

Alessandra: The hardest part of learning to pole vault is to put all the steps together quickly. The swing is hard to learn. The most dangerous part of pole vaulting is if you let go of the pole mid-jump and almost fall into the box.

Alessandra Spitzley