Penny’s Perspective on People – Feature


Penny the Hedgehog, Dedicated Writer

Have you read about the wonders of Penny? Her adventurous life, as a hedgehog, where she slays the dragon and saves the townspeople? Well, not that type of adventurous, but more the adventures of her life, like when she paints and talks about how her month has been. Where she tells about the pros and cons about a hedgehog.  

She also talks about new things in her life, for example, COVID.  She has a whole article relating to her experiences during COVID – her hatred against this virus and when she got arrested for not wearing a mask.

Also about her cage not being clean and how it really smells.  The little adventures in her life. 

Let’s get to know Penny even a little better!

 Interview with Penny the Hedgehog

Q. What do you do during the time your while I’m at school?

A. I usually just chill in my cage and sleep. I sometimes eat during the day time, but then I’ll go back to sleep. I have very adventurous dreams, including one dream where I was in space! Or, I’ll sneak out of my cage and slay a fire breathing dragon, like the usual.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. I think I like bacon. I’ve only tried it once, and it was pretty good. But my father won’t give me any more because he says it’s pretty unhealthy for me.

Q. If you were free from your cage for a day, what would you do? Where would you go?

A. I’d say I’d go to the beach, or maybe go to the swimming pool! I enjoy swimming in my free time and think that would be fun.

Q. Do you ever get lonely being an only hedgehog? Do you wish you had a friend?

 A. Not really. I don’t really like to be interacted with, especially with other hedgehogs. One time my best friend, Quill, who is also a hedgehog, kept biting me while I was just chilling in his cage. But I do like to cuddle.