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Brecklyn Laird

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Have you ever been feeling down? Does this world around us seem all negative?

Well, I have a solution to this: It’s the Morning Smile. 

Sometimes people need something to lift up their spirits, especially during this COVID time. Many people are struggling and only seeing and listening to bad news. It is so important to focus on the positive and that is the intention of the website Morning Smile. 

Try It 

Morning Smile is an online platform that essentially sends people positive stories that they go out and find in the world. Over 700,000 people are sent an email to their inbox of an uplifting story.

Morning Smile is the best! It has amazing, positive stories that will make you smile. It is important to know that there is good going on in the world, so be sure to check out morning smile and get positive news updates everyday straight to your email, and the best news is that its FREE!

It’s Easy

Signing up is a very easy process. In order to do this, click this website https://www.inspiremore.com/morning-smile/ or you can just look up Morning Smile online and you will be sent to the inspiremore.com website.  You will be asked for your email address, so just put your email in, and then everyday you emailed positive stories to put a morning smile on your face.  

Why Morning Smile?

Morning Smile ask readers for reviews of why they love Morning Smile and here is what a few of them said, 

”I love your email, many thanks for lifting my spirits up each day.”-Cynthia C

”Morning Smiles always remind me that there is so much good in the world. Because of these stories I tend to seek positivity around me and strive to make a difference.”-Deborah B

”When I think there is nothing left in the world, you show these inspiring stories and then you know life is worth living and that there are people who care.”-Dayle C

”I love seeing my daily issue of Morning Smile in my inbox. It always lifts me up especially when I am having a bad day. Thanks for such a wonderful source of optimism.”-Catherine W

Examples of Positivity 

There are many sweet, funny, positive, amazing stories about different topics, some of which  are inspiring too. One of my favorite articles is “2020’s Top Stories Will Remind You That There’s Always Good In The World.” The title says it all. There is so much good that has happened in Covid 2020. For example one of the positive stories that was shared was, “A 3-year old names Ayaan warmed the hearts of thousands when his mom recorded him reciting positive affirmations on his way to school. He said-”I am smart, I am blessed. I can do anything. 

Another adorable story that was shared on this article was, “Baby Blakey tried ice cream for the first time, and her hilarious response is 100 percent relatable.” It is absolutely so cute. Most of these short stories have videos that you can watch. Here is the link for that exact article for positive 2020 news- https://www.inspiremore.com/top-15-stories-of-2020/ 

An inspiring story is “High School Football Player With Downs Scores 1st Touchdown In Heartwarming Video.” The captain explains, Sam, who has Down syndrome, is front and center at every practice and game to support his team. So before senior night, his mom, Greta Jordan, reached out to the coaches to see if they could include Sam in the celebration.” This sweet story shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Morning Smile wants to inspire their readers, which each of these stories do so perfectly.