Lilly: Chapter 9-The end

The End

Westlake Middle School

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer

Chapter 9 of Lilly: The End



It was time to charge Lilly’s father and the battle would soon be over. What would happen when I went home? What would my friends think of this tail? Would they not believe me?

I quickly grabbed a fallen stick from the ground and called down towards Lilly. She grabbed me by my hand and pulled me up onto her shoulder. The fake sun was setting just over the world. I ran up to Lilly’s ear on her long huge arm that was waving frantically in the air.  Her ear was around the same height as me-5’4. I was just tall enough to be able to pull myself up to her ear canal.

“Lilly, we are cutting the red wires in the men in black’s backs. They are fighting for us. Everyone who does not have black hair is part of our team. They are helping us,” I yelled into her ear so that she was able to hear.

“Yes.. of course! Go tell Superman.  He will be able to help us. I will just keep fighting my dad…I don’t imagine that this fight should last any longer,” Lilly whispered, as her father hit her with a blast of blue, causing me to fall off her shoulder. Down to my destiny…or so I thought.

Superman reached for me and caught me in mid-air, and a big sweep hit me in the face. Since we were going too fast, the air stung my eyes. My hair fluttered around and was hitting Superman in the face.  He kept spitting it out, but then his little spit bubbles would land on his face, with the spit gleaming in the sun.  He was way more disgusting than Lilly had first described-but he was also very kind. I tried to keep my eyes open, but it was impossible. The air would hit them and make them close right away.

We finally landed on the ground around 20 feet away from the battlefield.

“Ok, here we go,” Superman said, and then he dropped me onto the ground. He made himself level with me so that he could stare right into my eyes.

“Tell everyone that the men in black have compacts on their back…please cut the red wires,” I said while breathing heavily.  I placed my hand on my forehead…I never thought that I would do this. It was so much different than the “hurricane machine” at “Jump City”.

“Why?” he asked curiously.

“Because they will become good. Don’t worry.  You got this. Remember, ONLY the red wire.”

“Yep,” he smiled. His jagged toddler teeth could be seen beaming out of his smile; he quickly flew off.

I ran back towards the battle scene. Sparks again. When they touched my face I felt a blur of confusion and each would sizzle on my face before completely disappearing into a cold icy feel.

Jessie had gotten the message.  She was cutting off the red wires from the compact on every man in black, waiting for the skin to magically re-heal and then turning to the next person.

Lilly was almost done with her father…he had fallen to his knees. He was once again the fat man that Lilly had described – barely able to hold himself up on his knees.

“STOP! STOP! I AM DONE! PLEASE STOP,” he screamed at the top of his lungs to Lilly.

She turned back into her human self, slowly shrinking into her average height.

She nodded slightly towards Octavia as I looked around. Men in black were surrounding us. They were completely bordering everyone off from everything. I started to step back, startled.

The men in black caught me instead of letting me fall.

“You are going to prison in the 6th dimension,” Jack said, his long brown hair resprouting on his head as his dragon scales disappeared back into normal skin. The men in black took Lilly’s father away into a purple portal that Jessie had made appear and then he was gone. Just like that.

March 30, 2021

“And now he is in jail in the 6th dimension. He will not be able to have lots of power here, just like Lilly was not able to,” I said. I looked at my friends as each of their faces stared at me, but the silence was soon broken by Syd.

“Ya, no. You are just as crazy as Liz and her red car, blue car song,” Syd said; she looked over at Liz who was smiling wide.

“The probability of that story being true is slim-to-none,” Soph said; she had long brown hair and glasses that rested on her nose. Her tone made you question what was real and what was fake…but I knew that this was real. I was here, wasn’t I?

Syd placed her light brown hair over her shoulder and on to her blue Kawaii dog hoodie.

“I swear I am not making it up!” I yelled in a funny tone. I mean, even to me my story sounded a bit unbelievable. Tes looked at me. She had pinkish-blueish glasses that fell just over her black mask. Her hair was always in a neat ponytail. And you could tell her favorite color (green) just by looking at her. She ate more of her banana and chewed slowly.

“Hey, I mean it might be true,” Tes said. These people that I surrounded myself with were all very smart, kind people. I knew that they thought this was fake, but there was no way to convince them that it was real with the way that the story sounded.

“I mean is this the end? No more books? No more adventures? When was the last time you even saw Lilly?” Liz asked.  She had shoulder-length brown hair and big blue eyes that shined like crystals.

“They are not just books – they are real people. I don’t know how many times I need to tell you all this. I don’t know if they will ever come back. They left me once we went through the portal. Lilly is now safe with her friends and everything is going great for them. I don’t think that there will be anything to follow up with,” I sighed.  I hadn’t realized until Liz had said this that there was no more time to spend with them.  No more time with Octavia, Jack, Lilly, Superman, Amber, and everyone else.

“Well, while you were busy in this other dimension, we were all here. And I don’t think it is rather fair to leave your readers waiting,” said Soph, her tone again leaving me thinking about why I would ever leave them like this. I may not know who reads my stories, but I hope they enjoy them.

“No, I think I am done. If anything happens, I will tell them next year in 7th grade,” I explained, staring down at my checkered Vans on the dirty floor.

“Well, at least it was fun while it lasted,” O cheerfully said. He had dark brown hair that was cut in a really cool way. He was holding onto his dark green lunch bag and waiting to be called to go eat lunch outside.

“Ya…I guess so,” I said. The lunch bell rang as we walked onto the hot pavement, and I wondered if I would ever see the faces of those superhero beings every again.

Maybe…maybe not.