Westlake A-Z


Charlotte Lussier, Dedicated Writer


That may sound cheesy, but Westlake is amazing.

I remember walking into the school for the first time,

And I’ll remember when I walk out of the school for the last time.

Maybe a few years from now,

I’ll see this story.

I might think my problems were nothing,

And these were the best years of my life.

But maybe not.

This is Westlake,





There have been many blackouts here.

The first one was in 6th grade, when I was in my L.A class.

A kid went by the lights, and the power went out.

Turn on the lights. My teacher said.

I didn’t touch the lights. The kid replied.

It was dark, and scary.

But it was intriguing,

Because it was something different.


It was March 13th, 2020

When I had my last day of 7th grade.

I never believed in superstitions,

But I should’ve seen that one coming.

The spring that we started remote learning,

I liked it.

The start of eight grade,

We began zoom meetings.

I think that’s why,

I now hate zoom.


The wheel of electives,

In 6th grade.

It didn’t give us much of a choice on what to do,

But let us try everything.

It felt so interesting,

To switch every six weeks,

Rather than every quarter,

Or every semester.

I liked singing in choir,

Writing in creative writing,

I enjoyed trying out woodwork,

And tech courses,

And I liked art.


It’s all of my friends,

That make me who I am today.

I had a great group of friends in 7th grade.

But some of them are mad at each other,

One has been remote since that thirteenth in March.

I don’t understand how something little,

Seemed to blow up into a big deal,

Consuming conversations,

And causing hate towards each other.

Go Home

When school ends,

We all go home.

I walk home from school,

Sometimes bike.

I used to do choir after school,

It started at 4:30.

School ended a 3:45,

So I’d ride there with my friend,

A friend from elementary school.

We’d laughed as we went,

On the edge,

Of wanting to go,

And wanting to go home.


Social studies always taught us history.

I’d get too caught up,

In how awful Americans treated others.

Then I’d say to myself,

I’m not like them.

Then again,

They didn’t see what they were doing as wrong.

They were just minding their own business.

It’s all about perspective.

Language arts

Writing and reading.

That’s what we would do.

I always looked forward to this class.

6th grade it was my first class.

7th grade it was my fourth class.

8th grade it was my last class.

I liked when I read new books,

And they became books,

That I ended up liking a lot.


Math is a little bit boring to me,

Which isn’t surprising.

But it is very helpful to learn it.

I like graphs, tables and figuring out how likely something is.

I may not like math,

But all the teachers who teach math,

Are pretty amazing.


The pacer test wasn’t really that fun,

But I liked playing kickball.

Looking back now,

I realized that I never got mad at the game,

I just got mad,

When I didn’t feel involved.

All the games we played were so much fun.

Fort Knox,

It seemed to be another version of capture the flag.

I liked when people said,

We’re all going to run across at once,

And try to get the gold.

P.E was fun,

And that’s from someone,

Who doesn’t really play sports.


I came back from 6th grade,

Only to learn that,

The whole school had been remodeled.

Wow, I’d told one of my friends, Look inside.

It looks new.

It was new,

But I couldn’t help,

But miss the old school.


Full of experiments,


And loads of physics.

It was really fun with the experiments.

But when I think about it,

My whole life is an experiment.

We have the changing variables


My family,

My friends,

And my school.

I am a constant variable,

Well, sort of.

Nothing is constant,

That’s the constant variable.