Math Teacher on Adventure Show

Mrs. Krause on “Survivalists”

Math Teacher on Adventure Show

Brecklyn Laird, Mrs. Krause Game Show that she was on

Hey Westlake! Do you know Mrs. Krause? She is an amazing 7th grade math teacher, and she also went on a survival adventure show with her family. We have a celebrity in our own school!

The show she and her family were on is called “Survivalists” and it takes contestants through a series of adventures.  There are two families competing against each other in the adventures.

After doing an interview with her, I was able to get an inside view on what her experience was like and why she calls it thrilling and tough at the same time.

Mrs. Krause originally found her way into the reality show through a platform called Boulder Camping Families on facebook. She and her family were looking for an outdoor adventure, and they felt this was the perfect opportunity.

During the show, Mrs. Krause and her rivals on the show had to go through these adventures, while a camera crew filmed the whole thing.  She said it was like paparazzi following her around.  Mrs. Krause stated that, in the beginning, the spotlight and constantly having the camera on her was a little uncomfortable but she described the camera man as kind and helpful.

She also mentioned that most of the stuff they had filmed on camera was on purpose and felt a little fake. Obviously the adventure was real, but sometimes the show producers asked the families to have specific conversations just for the show which ended up feeling fake.

 Mrs. Krause said she learned that she does not thrive under the spotlight and did not like the competitive aspect as much as she thought she would enjoy it. When you are hiking, most of the time people want to go for the view and the sights and the fresh air, but Mrs. Krause described that she never had enough time for that during the filming of the show.  They were in a competition. They were in a race with the other family. They never had time to stop and take a moment to look at the beautiful views. They just had to go, go, go! So Mrs. Krause wishes that she had a bit more time to soak in all of the beauty that surrounded her. She said that for future contestants she would tell them to enjoy the moment, don’t focus on the finish line but focus on the journey. 

Along the way, Mrs. Krause made lots of friends, some that she still keeps in touch with. She described the competition as a lovely family that she has stayed in contact with, such as looking at new posts on their family’s facebook.

They also became very good friends with the cameraman whose name is Rob. Through this adventure challenge, Rob, who was behind the scenes, who could always walk with Hunter, Mrs. Krause’s daughter, and Mrs. Krause while Evan, Mrs. Krause’s son, and her husband were walking ahead. They became close with everyone through this game show, even the people behind the scenes-like the camera men and women-because they were all together for 3 days. They became a tight short term family.

In the end, Mrs. Krause says that it was harder than she anticipated but it was an amazing experience to put on her family resume, which is a mental list that shows everything that she has done with her family.

Overall, this game show will be an awesome way to not only see Mrs. Krause in a new light, but also to see the adventures that the show “Survivalists” required. So make sure to check out the “Survivalists” on – you can go to youtube on a smart tv and look up, and the show airs on June 27!