This I Believe…


Carter Watt, Co-Editor

I Believe in Determination. 

     I believe in finding determination, since it could be a long way to be able to find it. 

     Agony and despair circled me when I was in elementary school. I wanted to become one of the COOL kids during elementary. So I tried to be like them. I tried to wear lengthy clothes and really tried to fit in. But in the long run, that only gave me bad grades and despair.

     I was in special ed classes because I didn’t believe in determination, not really even hard work. I would play with my pencil, thinking it was a spaceship ready to take off. I would fly it off my desk, into outer space where it fought off the evil aliens, before landing safely right back on the ground. 

     I also thought that people were born smart, and that would be that.  Why bother because that’s how things were.

Over the summer, I was stressing over middle school, and I really thought I was going to do terrible.  So I read a book – The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe – like my 5thteacher suggested.  I was trying to put determination into being a sixth grader.   

And once I got to Westlake, it was different. Once I got to the sixth grade, EVERYTHING changed. I was more determined, and I was focusing, instead of pretending my pencil was a rocket ship. I was ready, and this time, I didn’t care what people thought of me. My grades went off and up like the pencil rocket ship. I was determined. I didn’t care what people thought about my clothing or even what I looked like. 

I wanted more of this to happen. So after sixth grade, it was the summer once again, and this time I was determined to do even better. Instead of spending my summer on my phone, I read about three to two books over the summer. And surprisingly, I did pretty well during 7th grade.  

After 7th grade, it was the summer once again. So I was even more determined to finish middle school and 8th grade with a blast, so over the summer I wrote stories, and I even read quite a bit. I wrote mostly realistic fiction for most of the summer.  Even though it was pretty rough in the beginning of the year, I was VERY determined to try to get all fours in one class and even try to get in honors. So I did, I was able to get one of my classes to all fours, and I’m thinking about doing honors LA classes next year.

Over the summer, my plan is to read over five books, and now I’m thinking about even trying to get into honors history at Legacy next year.

So why do I believe in determination?   Because we all need to set ourselves a goal.  And then we need to make plans to reach that goal. For example, instead of watching Youtube videos, I’m going to schedule a certain time to read every day this summer.   That’s how I will stay confident in my goals and keep my motivation.

My determination has come a long way.  Even when I wasn’t expecting it. Westlake has been really fun, and I’m going to miss a lot of teachers and staff members there. Even Wally. I am certain that I can still try to write some pieces for the newspaper while I’m a freshman, being all scared.

I’ve learned we can’t give up on our dreams.  Through hard work, we can all come a long way.