Mr. Paris-New Teachers At Westlake

Mr. Paris-New Teachers At Westlake


Mr. Paris-New Westlake Teachers


     Mr. Paris is the new 7th-grade counselor at Westlake Middle School! It is his first year ever being a school counselor. We are super excited to have him here at our school. Here is our interview with Mr. Paris. 

What brought you to Westlake?

     Mr. Paris came up with a very well-thought-out response when he said, “I was excited about the opportunity to join the Westlake team and get a chance to meet some of the awesome students that go here. I also am looking forward to doing some clubs and activities later in the spring!” 

What made you decide to pursue a career in education?

     Mr. Paris explained that he’s always loved working with kids. His first ever job was as a summer camp counselor, and he got to play and run around with kids. He stated,  “Now it is very rewarding to be able to continue to give back to kids in a positive way.”

What is your favorite thing about working with kids?

     Mr. Paris explained, “I love being in a school building and getting to experience the different highs and lows of the school year. Being part of a team in the building really brings me joy and fills my bucket.”

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

     When asked, Mr. Paris came up with a great answer! “I would love to eat hot wings for the rest of my life! If not hot wings, I could also eat burritos every day.”

If you could choose to be an animal, what animal would you choose and why?

     Mr. Paris replied, “I would choose to be a penguin because penguins are my favorite animal and I think it would be really fun and scary to explore the different parts of the ocean.”

What is your favorite thing to do?

     He responded with, “I love to coach football and play outdoor sports with some of my friends.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

     Mr. Paris stated, “I am a huge gamer and recently got the new Xbox so I am looking forward to playing some video games this fall and winter break! I also love to snowboard and travel so those are things that I am very passionate about.”

What do you recommend that someone try at least once in their life?

     You can tell that Mr. Paris likes trying new sports. He said, “I think everyone should try wakeboarding or tubing on a boat at least once in their life. It is super exhilarating and I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

All in all, Mr. Paris had some great responses that were all very well thought out. It is great to have him here.