Ms. Skolnick-New Westlake Teachers

Ms. Skolnick-New Westlake Teachers

Ms. Skolnick-New Westlake Teachers

         Ms. Skolnick is the new Assistant Principal at Westlake Middle School. She has been working in education for 21 years and is excited to join the Westlake family.  She has worked at two different schools before coming to Westlake. One of the schools was a high school, and the other was a middle school. Here are some of her answers to the questions that we asked. 

      Ms. Skolnick said, “I was impressed with the awesome staff here at Westlake.  Also, Westlake has a great reputation in the community, and am hoping to make an impact with students in a larger setting.” When she answered the question about what brought her here. 

     Ms. Skolnick was very smart with her answer on, “what made you want to decide to get into education.” She explained, “Many reasons but specifically my high school swim coach was a real inspiration to me, and he is one of the major reasons I pursued a career in education. His ability to guide students and athletes, his fairness, and his ability to build authentic relationships in school made me aspire to bring these things to my own classroom/building.” She also said that her favorite thing about working in education is that, “… the relationships you develop as an Assistant Principal are absolutely amazing. You are meeting people at a critical point in their life, and having a chance to build into their lives. It’s fantastic! You see your students every day, or every other day, and you get to know their minds, and their hearts. It is a great privilege, and such a wonderful thing about being a teacher or administrator in a school.”

     In response to the question of, “What would you eat for the rest of your life,” she said, “Sushi.”

If you could choose to be an animal, what animal would you choose and why? 

     She stated, “Dolphin – I love to swim and the water is very calming for me. Plus, dolphins like to have fun, play and socialize with others, which I also enjoy!”

What is your favorite thing to do (outside of school)?

     “I love to golf, watch my kids play in their sports, watch movies and travel to new places.”

When we asked her if she had a fun fact about herself, she said something a little bit more on the scary side than most people would have answered. “My senior year in high school, my school burnt down.  The school’s name is the Burnsville Blaze.” 

What would you recommend that someone try at least once in their life? 

     Ms. Skolnick recommends that everyone should visit the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. “It’s a canoe-in-and-out wilderness area where one can really disconnect and enjoy one of America’s most beautiful and remote places.”