Pros and Cons of each season

Olivia Hornsby, Editor

Hello everybody! For this story, I am going to be listing pros and cons of each season (plus a few from students) and then ranking them! Enjoy!



-Warm weather

-Plants start growing back

-Baby animals!


-Many people get allergies

-Spring snowstorms

-Can be hard to grow things because it might snow and kill all the plants




-No school


-Really nice out at night


-Very hot

-You can’t do much outside besides swimming

-Plants start to dry up quickly if you don’t water them



-Cooler weather

-The leaves change color



-Gets dark earlier

-Not nice out sometimes

-You can’t do much outside in the evening because it gets cold and dark



-The holiday season

-2 weeks off of school

-Drinking hot cocoa


-Very cold

-gets dark really early

-The only thing you can do outside is play in the snow or take walks (but no matter what it’s really cold)



Spring: 4/5 stars

Spring is a great season because the weather is warm, but not too warm, so there’s lots of opportunities to do things outside. The only reason it’s not 5/5 stars is because in Colorado, we sometimes get our worst storms of the year in spring and when we do get our spring snowstorms, it’s super cold out.

Summer: 2.5/5 stars

Summer gets 2.5/5 stars because while it’s great that we don’t have school and we can go to the pool a lot, it’s also really hot and just kind of miserable outside if you want to do anything that doesn’t involve water. Also, by the end of the summer, things like the pool get kind of boring and everyone’s just ready to come back to school and for it to not be hot anymore.

Fall: 4.5/5 stars

I am rating fall 4.5/5 stars (the highest rating yet!) because the weather is really nice and usually it stays relatively the same the whole season, maybe a few hotter and colder days here and there, but there’s no big changes like sudden snowstorms. Also, fall is a great time to hike or take walks with your family because of how nice it is out and the leaves are also super pretty to look at!

Winter: 3/5 stars

Winter is a great season, but there are some drawbacks when it comes to being outside and warm. It’s super fun to play in the snow during winter, but there’s not always snow so some of the time it’s just really cold and gross out and you can’t do much. Otherwise though, it’s a great season because of how cozy it feels to stay inside all day during a snowstorm and drink hot chocolate and how fun all of the festive holiday activities are!

Fun facts about seasons:

(All information is from

  1. “Scientists don’t yet know how common wobbly planets like ours are, but Earth’s seasonality may help them find signs of life elsewhere, according to a 2018 paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.”
  2. “On Earth…carbon dioxide levels are lower in summer, when most plants are actively absorbing it, than in winter, when vegetation dies or goes dormant.”
  3. “Many marine animals also migrate, even if they don’t move geographically. Seasonal changes in oxygen levels force many fish, crustaceans and mollusks to relocate higher or lower within the water column.”
  4. “Released in November, the Fourth National Climate Assessment noted the wildfire season in the U.S. has already lengthened, in part due to prolonged drought. The period of risk is also expanding in many other countries as the planet warms, largely because of human activity.”
  5. “[If the earth has] More tilt  means hotter summers and colder winters; decreased tilt results in less-extreme swings in temperature.”

Student Opinions

Marissa L: “Spring because it’s my birthday and it’s warm but not too hot”

Peyton F: “Summer because it’s hot and there’s no school”

Cat G: “My favorite season is winter because snow is pretty”

Ava D: “Summer because there’s no school”

Sophie D: “Summer because there is no school and good weather

Sophia B: “Spring”

Elsie T: “Spring because baby animals are cute”

Sylvia T: “Fall”

Berenice J: “Fall because of the leaves changing colors and because of halloween. Also because the scent and the weather is not too cold but also not too hot. Also because there is Thanksgiving and I like Thanksgiving because I usually go to my cousin’s house in Kansas and because of the food.”