Random Science Facts

Random Science Facts

FACT #1: The amount of D.N.A. in your body can go from the sun to Pluto and back 17 times.  D.N.A is 5 cm per chromosome. And there are 37 trillion cells in your body. If all the D.N.A is end to end the equation would be 2*1014= 432176470.588 and the distance from the sun to Pluto is 39.5 AU (or 3673500000 miles).

FACT #2: If the star Betelgeuse exploded it’s light would make the sky bright for 2 months. And it could happen any day in the next thousand years.  The radius of  Betelgeuse is 370 times larger than the sun. It’s a red giant 430 light years from our solar system. It’s one of the brightest stars in the night sky. It will explode in a supernova. 

FACT #3: The ears of a grasshopper are on its belly. The grasshoppers ears are on the side of its belly so that it can hear its own sounds and other grasshopper’s sounds.

FACT #4: In your life you will walk 5 times around the world on average. On average you take 7,500 steps per day. If you multiply that by 80 years you get about 216,262,500. Which is equivalent to 110,000 miles. The circumference of Earth is about 25,000 miles. Do the math and you get about 5 times the Earth’s circumference.

FACT #5: Photons take 40,000 years to reach the surface of the sun from the core but only 8 minutes from the sun to Earth. The photons get scattered

through the sun and just wander for thousands of years. Then they get to the surface and can leave to take 8 more minutes to get to earth.


FACT #6: The known universe has 50 billion galaxies. There are about 5 billion stars in a galaxy.


FACT #7: Cold water is slower to freeze than warm water. This is the Mpemba effect. Scientists think it happens because hot water evaporates and leaves less water.

FACT #8: The great barrier reef is the largest living structure in the 

world. Coral reefs are alive. And the great barrier reef is 350,000 sq km. And it’s off the east coast of Queensland Australia.


FACT #9: Helium at absolute zero (0k, -460f, or -273c) is a liquid and flows against the force of gravity. When helium is at –452°F it can go up dishes and when a container is spun stay still. (There was no picture available.) If you didn’t have saliva you couldn’t taste. In order to taste, the food needs to be dissolved by saliva so that your taste buds can react and respond to the food.

All information gathered from ZME Science. Click the link to go to the website.