10 Signs of the Month – Back to School Edition


Tyler Odum, Dedicated Writer

Hey, Wolverines!

It certainly has been a while since I’ve shared a 10 Signs of the Month with you, hasn’t it?  Meanwhile, for all you 6th graders, this is completely new, right? 

This article is the most recent in a series of articles showing how to sign 10 themed signs that I choose for our current situation or for anything happening in our lives. To celebrate our return from summer, here is a Back to School edition for this month!

For these signs, I got help from Ms. Emma Fitzhugh, who also helped me last year. For those of you who don’t know her, Ms. Fitzhugh is a 6th-grade interpreter for Westlake.

What do you like about your job? 

“Probably working with new 6th graders and showing them around, and just working with great people.”

What don’t you like about your job? 

“Sometimes you have to let kids work and you can’t get in their way too much, that’s probably the hardest thing.”

Now that we’ve learned a bit about one of our amazing Westlake faculty members, it is finally the moment you’ve been waiting for! Let’s learn some signs!

1. School: Hold your hands horizontally and clap, point the hand that’s moving to the opposite direction while the static hand points forward. Remember to move your dominant hand, not your non-dominant hand!












2. Backpack: Mime putting the backpack on your shoulders and sliding your hands down. Handshape doesn’t matter!













3. Pencil: Draw a line on your palm over and over. Like you’re writing!







4. Notebook: Mime putting something in your palm and then opening a book!



















5. Learn: Mime putting that thing you put in your notebook into your head now.













6. Teacher: Mime two puppet hands moving from the temples forward, then open up your hands and drop them down. The final piece is actually the sign for “person,” so that sign usually goes after every job’s sign!













7. Student: Now, we’re going to combine two signs from before! Sign “learn person” for “student,” it’s that simple!



















8. Math: Two “M” handshapes sliding past each other! An “M” is just resting every finger but your pinky on your thumb.















9. Science: Two sideways thumbs-up moving in circles like gears! Make your right hand move counterclockwise, even if you’re left-handed!







10. Reading: Face your non-dominant palm upwards and scroll two fingers up and down like eyeballs reading a book!







So there you go, Wolverines! Ten brand new Back to School signs! I’d like to thank Ms. Fitzhugh for teaching me such signs and I hope you enjoyed this! Be sure to check back next month for more signs!