Dark flower


Myles Keefauver, Dedicated Writer

Dark Flower


A storm was brewing. Lightning! Thunder! Light flooded the sky in thunderous beats. A dark cloud, like a truck, slowly rolling, loudly consuming. Bringing despair to the trees as it crept up the mountain. Until unfolding into a bank of risen fog.


Chapter 1-What awakens in the dark

Navi opened the door. The elf creeped warily outside before dashing to the next tree. It was thundering outside, a storm unpredicted. Navi ducked inside Bellor’s tree.

Darkness overwhelmed the house of Bellor. Until a glow arose.

“Hi there,” Navi spoke.

“Who’s there!” Shouted Bellor in a rumbling voice, pivoting to face Navi. “You again! I told you to leave.”

“Well, your predictions were wrong.”


“The storm,” Navi echoed in a mystical voice.

“There is no storm, I told you before!” 

“Then what’s this?” Navi opened the door to a bright sunny sky. “But, but, but…”

“There is nothing. Now leave!” Bellor screamed.

“What an unpleasant old witch,” Navi muttered as she was escorted out by a seven-foot-tall golem spewing lava. After Navi left, Bellor drifted through the open door to her run-down shrine. Bellor’s shrine was an open oval pavilion with marble pillars arched inwards like that of a hissing cat’s spine, broken halfway to the middle. Glowing vines grew vertical up the pillars as they spiraled at the top. Sparkling moon flowers blossomed a periwinkle color within the cracks of the shrine. Moss overtook most of the cobbled stone in fluffy green clouds. As Bellor walked through the shrine she noticed signs of lightning strikes. When she reached the middle of the shrine she could hear flowers wailing in a frozen state. Bellor floated hurriedly to the other side of the shrine and into the open glad shrouded by vines, bushes, and trees. There in the middle of the commotion, a single flower rose from a crack in a rock.

To be continued….