Art Contest: Fall Edition


1st Place – by Sarah Hill (8th grade)

Alessia Mancini, Dedicated Writer


Art Contest: Fall Edition

     The winners of the contest are out!  We had 7 amazing entries! It was a very tight competition. Thanks to our art teacher, Mrs. Seckendorf for judging the contest on the following criteria:

  • Must be related to the themes of nature and fall.
  • Must be made by YOU.
  • Digital and hand-drawn/painted art will be accepted. 
  • Shows many details, including at least 10 colors and an animal.

Congratulations to the winners!

  • 1st place – Sarah Hill (8th grade)
  • 2nd place – Bell Zietz (7th grade)
  • 3rd place – Jonathan Nguyen (7th grade)

Other amazing entries were from 7th grader Lauren Chen, 6th grader Addyson Burkholder, 7th grader Nawmy Ca Len Par, and 8th grader Abigail Stucke!

These are all of the entries: