What’s Hap with Stu Co


Molly Payne, Student Council Historian

What’s happening in Student Council? 

Here is some behind the scenes scoop about what’s going on with the Westlake Middle School Student Council from the point of view of Student Council Historian Molly Payne.

Spirit Week

Student Council has been planning for Spirit Week at the end of October.  Members voted for some exciting ideas to end this month, and there are colorful posters all over the school to advertise them.  

On Monday the 25th, we will have our favorite era day.  Dress in 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s clothes.  You can even dress in your own clothes, if this is your favorite era.  

On Tuesday the 26th, it will be PJ day!  I feel like that speaks for itself, but basically dress up in your comfiest pajamas.  

And on Wednesday the 27th, its superhero day!  Either it’s a simple shirt, or a full costume, dress as a superhero for the day!  

Then, on Thursday the 28th, crazy hair day!  Don’t brush your hair in the morning, or maybe use a bunch of hair gel, but make sure to have the craziest hair in school.  



It is October, so we have to finish spirit week with something that sparks your spooky spirit.  On October 29th, Student Council is bringing you a Fall Dance, where you will be invited to show off your creative Halloween costumes, play games, and spend time with friends.  Tickets for this festive dance will cost around 10 dollars including, pizza, free drink refills, and all the games and events during the dance are included without paying for them separately.  The Student Council is brainstorming a cheaper price that is just the entrance fee to the dance, and the food, drinks, and games will be sold separately.  The tickets for this Fall Dance will be sold on the 29th during your grade’s lunch.  

Film Club & Student Council

Although the dance will most likely be the most fun recap of this month, Student Council also decided to offer a film club on the 23rd.  We are giving a day to students to stay after school, and spend time with friends while watching your favorite movies, and snacking on popcorn or candy that you bought.  Student Council members team up with the Film Club, and help sell food and clean after the film club to donate kindness to our community.  


That is one of the Student Councils many goals: showing kindness. After all, we enjoy respecting our community and showing kindness to our school, in hopes for the students who go here to make an impact on the world using positivity.  Even though not all kids are in the Student Council, all students have the ability to pass kindness around to others.  

Interested in joining?

We plan to brainstorm more ideas for our school in future meetings, and we hope to create an amazing future for all of us.  If you are interested in joining the student council, meetings that are available for students to attend are on Wednesday mornings from 8AM-8:50AM.  We would love to see you.  

-Molly Payne 

Student Council Historian