What’s Your Dream Job?

Kids at Westlake are not that far off from picking what they want to for their job.  A national survey found on The Balance Careers, a website about the top dream jobs for kids, says the top five dream jobs for today’s young people are as follows: dancers, teachers, athletes, musicians, or movie stars (actors/actresses).

So how does this compare to what students from Westlake Middle School think?  We asked five students the following questions:

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  2. Why is this interesting to you? 
  3. Why is this job a good fit for you?
  4. Why are people going to want to hire you? How would you help their business?
  5. Do you think you would enjoy this job? Why?

Here’s what we discovered:

Kay Sherman (7th grade), who wants to invest in kids stated that, “My mom works for (to) invest in kids and I love watching her help others!” 

Adela Bajerova (8th grade) who wants to be a lawyer said, “I think I would like this because I don’t enjoy arguing but I think I am good at it and I think it would be cool seeing new cases and changing the job up, not repeating the same things.”

As stated by Janvi Sehjal, (6th grade), who wants to be a singer, actress or artist, said that “People would probably hire me because I am pretty good at the things that I want to be, and I would help their business by being helpful and unproblematic.” 

8th grader Eva Davidsen, who wants to be an actor, baker, singer, and teacher responded with, “I want to own my own business so I can make it my place.” 

6th grader Jackson Desterhouse, who wants to be in the NFL, explained, “They would hire me because I’m really good and I have good routes, hand speed, agility, and I can take a hit.  I will help them win games and the Super Bowl.”

Although we had a variety of responses, the top result from all grades was singer and actor/actress, and athlete. Several of the responses were very similar to the article, like how Jackson wants to be an athlete, or how Janvi wants to become an actress and singer. 

Some of the responses were very different and unique! An example of this is how Kay wants to work as someone who works with kids and helps others, or how Adela wants to be a lawyer! These are all different from the article.