Westlake Bucks!

Hailey Whiteside, Dedicated Writer

Westlake Bucks

Westlake Bucks are the main currency of Westlake middle school. They are traded for goods from “The Cart” and even traded for sweets on the playground. These Bucks are a clever way to make students behave better in class, participate or just work as a motive to encourage students to finish their work more efficiently.

The Cart

A couple of examples of this form of money being used, is trading them for goods like candy, stickers, fidgets, pins, etc which are found on the cart. Some of the favorites are the pride pins and jolly ranchers, which are both sold for two Westlake Bucks per individual item.


The Westlake Buck is a small, blue, (However color changes for the grade,) rectangular shaped piece of paper which is used to buy and sell products. It has a crossed pattern on the paper with Westlake’s mascot. On the top of the rectangle it writes “Westlake bucks” highlighted in a square.
The Westlake buck also has to have a stamp or signature to be usable, otherwise the buck is invalid. Mr. Kappan (6th Grade Math Teacher) says his thoughts on the dilemma. “Westlake bucks have been stolen off of an 8th grade teacher’s desk.” He explains. “Every Westlake buck has to have a stamp or teacher signature or they will be unusable.” Giulia Panelli (School Secretary) follows this by saying “Personally, I think it’s immature for students to steal Westlakes bucks, especially since they are given out for good behavior.”


Giulia Panelli purchasing Westlake’s iconic pencil case from Mrs. Cianfrance

Earning Westlake Bucks

Westlake bucks aren’t given out too much, so it’s difficult to earn them. A couple ways to earn Westlake bucks is to take initiative. When you’re leaving a class, push in people’s chairs or throw away a piece of trash on the floor. During class discussions raise your hand and give your best. During tests stay quiet and work hard. Mr. Evans (6th Grade Social Studies Teacher) explains when and why he gives out Westlake Bucks. “I dont know?!?” (Direct quote.)

Overall Westlake Bucks are a great way to get students to learn and participate. It doesn’t only give kids a chance to buy their favorite snacks or items from the cart but it also gives kids a chance to learn about economics, goods & services, and businesses. What are your thoughts on this form of currency?