Try Making this Halloween Sweet Treat: Dracula’s Dentures

Try Making this Halloween Sweet Treat: Draculas Dentures

Grace Snyder, Dedicated Writer

Dracula’s Dentures


Are you looking for an easy, thrilling, fast-to-make Halloween treat? Well then, you’ve found it!! Dracula’s Dentures are a fast, easy, treat that you could do in the undead! One soft warm chocolate chip cookie = bloody teeth and fangs to suck out your taste bluds! Don’t wait! These treats will make your cookie craving disappear!

I made Dracula’s Dentures!!

(TIP! The mouth will drop back if you don’t put something inside. I would recommend a piping bag for the gums!)

“They are super delicious, and I love them!” Says Danicka Iturbe, Westlake, a sixth-grade student.


This is a practice batch for a Halloween party! I covered both dies of the cookie with red-dyed frosting. Then, I put down one layer of marshmallows on one side, took the other side, and put the top on. Then put the almond sliver fangs wherever, but with only a gap of two teeth looks good.


This is my little sister, Autumn. She’s eating the practice batch. The cookies are best served warm, with the soft, creamy frosting, and mushy marshmallows, with the crunch from the almonds. If you are allergic to almonds, then you can just not add them, or use chocolate or another substitute.