Denali: Chapter One

Denali: Chapter One

Addyson Burkholder, Dedicated Writer

Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Endellion. It was a beautiful Kingdom and it thrived every season. The cherries were as big as golf balls and the harvest they produced was always sustainable. Everyone was happy. Our story starts off with a beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Ephira. She had beautiful long locks of shining blond hair like gold, smooth creamy skin, long butterfly eyelashes and thin lips the color of the ripest roses, with teeth as white as the falling snow. Her eyes were the color of a cool meadow green. Every color matched her, she could be wearing a dress that was bright blue with ruffles and lace along the shoulder line and she would still look Majestic. She had a strong yet thin body. She was kind, cheerful, thoughtful and sweet. Not to mention she was intelligent in all ways, although she wasn’t always happy. She wanted adventure and the unexpected! But her kingdom was too perfect and peaceful. No of course she didn’t want bad things to happen to her kingdom, it’s just she wanted something exciting and thrilling to happen, not just the same orderly thing every day. 


“FI!” her father called her name interrupting her wild thoughts. 


“Coming Father!” she called. She then slowly and groggily got up. That’s when she remembered what her dad had told her a few months back, 


“A queen must never be sluggish or slow. A queen’s acting and behavior, effects the whole kingdom” he had said letting it sink in, her father had her memorise a whole book of manners, It had taken her weeks but it was worth it. When she remembered that she jumped off her bed and took three quick strides to her closet. There were so many options to choose from! She finally chose a simple white trimmed dress with a high top and a short dress attached. It had small cherries sewed on the bottom, and one small cherry near the neckline. Ephira stopped in her tracks as she looked in the mirror. This was the dress her mother had woven her. Her thoughts scanned through a pile of memories she had hoped to forget. She thought sadly of how much she missed her mother. Suddenly interrupting her thoughts her father yelled  


“Ephira!” She hadn’t even known he had been standing in the doorway until now. “Why are you just standing there, I thought I told you to-” he cut himself off as he saw her in her dress, tears sliding down her sodden cheeks. 


“ Oh Ephira I didn’t realize-” he cut himself off again. He slowly walked toward the bed where she was sitting. He didn’t even care that she had been slouching. He sat down, landing like a boulder. She draped her arms around his neck and quietly cried. He rubbed her back and after a few minutes he slowly said 


“You look beautiful in that dress, she would be so proud.” She slowly raised her head.

She said,“You think so?” 


“Of course, I know so.”…. “Now let’s get down there before the eggs get cold”. She brushed the tears off her cheeks and sat up, taking one last glance in the mirror before her father escorted her downstairs to the dining room.