In the Room I Lay

Ivy Kerbs, Dedicated Writer


Chapter 1

I’ve come a long way from when I first moved in, I am different now, And ¨It¨ might  no longer be a problem.

It felt as if time froze, the air had stopped around me and the light seemed to dim. I could hear nothing. I got up from my bed to turn on my light, my feet felt cold and sore. As I turned on the light everything seemed to turn normal, except it wasn’t.

Something felt wrong, like a spirit was in my room. A dark cloud almost, I could sense it was there. I went to see if my parents were home, as usual they both left for work early. My mom got a job for some company, and my dad was doing something for the military. As I set out for school the foggy mist hung in the air like a dark stormy cloud.

And I was here just plain old Echo, and my name suited me. My voice was never heard often, just a sound in the wind. I never felt special, that is till I moved. Back in Oklahoma everything was the same. Always. When I moved, that’s when I knew something no one else did.