Giulia Panelli, Dedicated Writer

Music is a genuine art worldwide no matter the style. Different cultures and regions have different music tastes. For example, Arab culture listens to styles like maqam al-Iraqi, andalusi mubah, muwashshah, etc.  Music comes with opinions, favorite songs, styles, instruments, etc. There is a huge variety in the musical world. There is so much content! Let’s take a look at some of them!

Music can create mental affection. It can have a strong impact on a person. Whether that impact is something like calming down or changing perspective, ways to think, anything goes! The emotional change caused by music can release stress or anxiety. Based on research from, the repetitive aspect of music engages the neocortex of the brain. The engagement calms a person down. Music can also encourage somebody negatively like increasing aggressive thoughts and maybe a motivation for crimes. Even if the sentiment is totally different, music has the power to affect a person either positively or negatively.

Instruments and lyrics make up all songs. Different instruments and beats make up different vibes you’re going for and also different cultures. For example, if you want a rock song you may use a drum set, electric guitar, alto saxophone and other things like that to keep up the vibe of “rock”. Different instruments may be used based on the style you want to go for. Lyrics or the words in a song are like poetry. Some songs rhyme, have meaning like the “theme” of a song. Tune, words, rythme, beat, make up the matter of a song. 

Talking about different music styles and tastes there are many genres! When you think about it, songs are a lot like books! Comparing songs to books we can call out similarities like:

-Possibly related to poems by rhymes and stanzas. Of course, songs don’t have to rhyme and neither do poems.

-Songs and books both may have a theme or a message. The message that the author is trying to get out. A lesson or meaning of the creation.

-Genres! Different styles of writing and different ways to engage a reader or listener in the music world.

In the end, we can round up all the comparisons and say that music and books have many common qualities. 


Now that we’ve discussed comparisons between books and music we can look at other people’s perspectives. After interviewing a 6th grade LA teacher, Mrs. Mogensen about the topic, we can look at her opinion. 

What connections can you make between books and music?

She responds with, “The main connection that comes to mind for me is the immersive storytelling experience both books and songs provide. When I am reading a great book or listening to a great song, I find that I can get lost in the story or the meaning. I make connections by imagining my own experiences or personal connections.”

Connecting books and music to personal experiences is a great thing to try out because you can relate to the book or music piece more. It also may help define a message or theme. 

Name a song you enjoy, does it have a theme? If so, what?

Mrs. Mogensen answered with, “One of my favorite songs is, “Dig”, by the band Incubus. This song definitely has a theme! I think it shows the life lesson of being your true self with the person you love (the good and the bad) and helping your loved one to see the good and know they are loved no matter what.”

I love this response because identifying a theme can make you enjoy a song more, it also depends on those connections. When you connect to a theme it may inspire and evoke emotion. To conclude this interview, how do you think poems are related to music? Answer that question yourself, and let’s also see Mrs. Mogensen’s response! “I think music in essence is poetry! Both music and poetry have a beat and a rhythm that help to bring forth the message to its listeners.” Thank you Mrs. Mogensen for the amazing interview responses!


If we take a look at popular music styles we can include pop, rock, jazz, rap, country, metal, etc. Seeing these main styles you might be curious which is most popular now and day? Based on research, in 2021 the most common music genre is rap! What music genre is your favourite? Let’s take a closer look at a more specific amount of people. By sending out a google form, the majority of people said that pop was their favorite, rap being a close second. Reggae was the least-voted answer. Esme Dehring, somebody who enjoys pop music said, “I like pop because it has a lot of relatable lyrics and it’s very upbeat and makes me want to dance.” This response shows musical connections like lyrics as well as a physical effect such as dancing. 


To wrap up this report, music is a really open topic and it can have many positive effects while being listened to. Music is an art spread globally through cultures and ideas. Lastly, music can be shared with anybody. It’s a global thing spread with culture, thoughts, and ideas. People may have different opinions, connections, and actions when it comes to music. Overall, it’s an art universally.