Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons: Basic Description Part One

Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons: Basic Description Part One

Ollie Pearson and Abigail McDowell

     Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a role-playing game (RPG) that takes place in the fictional world of the Forgotten Realms. 

     D&D has two types of players: The first type is the Dungeon Master who controls the world and all NPCs (non-player characters). 

     The other type is Players, who control one character which they make, with the occasional player also playing as a Familiar (Pet) that accompanies the Player. 

     Players are mainly two things: a race and a class. The race is otherwise known as a species, for example: humans, elves, or trolls. The class is the job or role the character has, such as: ranger, paladin, soldier, or wizard. Characters are made by filling out a character sheet.

     Each character has their own stats. Stats include Strength(STR), Constitution(CON), Dexterity(DEX), Wisdom(WIS), Charisma(CHA), and Intelligence(INT). Each is a different part of a character. Strength is the muscle in a character like how much damage you can do with an unarmed strike. Constitution is the endurance of a character and it can and increases hit points can increase your health. Dexterity is your agileness or quickness like your reaction speed. Wisdom is similar to your willpower or how wise you are. Charisma is how much you are likable or how easy it is to convince someone. Intelligence is your bookish knowledge also wizards can cast spells with stat. 

In response to the question “Do you like D&D ?” 7th grader Sydney Burns says, “I really enjoy Dungeons and dragons. It was a good way to learn something new. I really enjoy role-playing and this was a good way to practice it with friends.”

And to the question “How did you learn about D&D?” she says, ” I learned about D&D through Lizzie(The Editor of the newspaper) and then started playing it because of a 5th teacher at my elementary school, Mr. Varela.”

Finally, to the question “What was your first character?” she said, “I played a ranger-shifter named Mabel.”

     As you can see D&D is a complicated game. This story is going to be part of a series on how to play D&D how to make a character and how to become a D&D pro!


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