A Christmas Carol

Emma Smith, Editor

Many kids at Westlake go on field trips for all different reasons. To learn, experience, and have fun. One of the field trips that has recently happened was a 6th grade field trip to go see the play, “A Christmas Carol”. Last year, the 6th graders were all remote so they were not able to go. This year is different, so they got to go. Here is an interview with some of the 6th grade students to see how they feel about getting to go on this field trip!

Kennedy Martin said she enjoyed the play and one of her favorite parts was when “…Jacob Marley popped out of nowhere. It was towards the middle of the play and after Scrooge said he wouldn’t celebrate Christmas and remember the day Jacob died he popped out of nowhere.” She came upon the theme of, “…don’t grow away. I think that this theme still would work in the real world because people in the real world grow away from their family.” This is a great theme for the play! She also thought that the actors did a very nice job performing the play.

Gage Koel thought the overall theme of the story was, “Don’t put other people down.” This is also a great theme or message! He thought it was an awesome play just like Kennedy and other 6th graders said too.

Effie Kastanek thought the play was super exciting and “…how they kept us on our toes.” She also said, “I think it was a great play and the jump scares were the best part!” This had to have been a thrilling and exciting play! Effie also thought that it had a great message because, “…we still need kindness in our world today.”

Mia Kidd also liked the play, she especially liked the part when “Christmas past,” the ghost, “came in through the door. She was really pretty.” She thought the message of the play was, “… to live life happily. I do think this message still makes sense in the real world because we all should be happy and have fun in life.” This is a great message and it totally makes sense in the world we live in today.

Most of these 6th graders had the same opinions. They all really enjoyed the play and picked very good themes that matched the play. The kids also said that all of the themes they picked still applies to the real world today even though the play was written about 150 years ago.