Ashley Long, Dedicated Writer

I woke up to the sound of a bird chirping outside of my window. It was already 7:50am. I was late to school on my first day. This was a disaster! School starts at 8:00, and I have ten minutes to get ready and walk to school. I jumped out of bed and ran to my bathroom to brush my teeth as fast as possible. After I brushed my teeth, I ran back to my bedroom and put on my uniform that I had layed on my bed the night before. I ran downstairs as fast as I could. I skipped breakfast because I was already 15 minutes late and I needed to get to school as fast as possible since it was my first day. 


Last month, my family decided to move away from our old house and move into the castle we live in now. The castle was passed down through our family and now, we live in the castle. It is located in a huge neighborhood with other large homes. In the center of the neighborhood is a school. The school’s name is Stella Academy. Stella Academy is the school I am going to attend for the first time today. It is my first day but it is the middle of the school year so I am very new to the school. 


      Out of breath, I reached the school. It was way larger than I expected. But I was half an hour late, so I went inside then I ran into the nearest hallway.

“Room D423. That is my first period.” I mumbled to myself.


      I looked at the nearby classrooms. The one to the left of me read, “B265”. I knew that if I am currently on the main floor, A and B hallways must be on this floor and the C and D hallways must be on the second floor due to alphabetical order. I ran down one hallway and into the next just desperately trying to find a staircase. After what seemed like hours, I found a staircase. I ran up the stairs and found myself in the D hallway. After reading the room numbers by each classroom door, I found my first period class D423. I put my schedule back in my pocket and peaked into the window on the door of the classroom. At least 30 students were in that classroom messing around. Nervously, I knocked on the door, my hand slightly shaking.


I saw the teacher look at me through the window and gestured at me to come inside. I opened the door and stood next to the teacher. The class was loud and barely seemed to notice me.


“Alright everybody settle down,” The teacher said in a very calm voice, the class looked at me and the teacher.


“My name is Mrs. Garcia.” She said, looking at me.

“This is our new student! She will be joining us this year. Say, why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?” Mrs. Garcia asked with a smile.


“Evie, Evie Whitlock.” I said nervously.


“What a pretty name!” Mrs Garcia joyfully stated. “Now, feel free to sit at any open desk in the classroom.”


I happened to notice a lot more eyes on me. I saw an open desk towards the back of the classroom. I awkwardly walked my way over to the desk. 


“Hi! My name is Hope! This school is really confusing and big at first but trust me, this school is really great but it takes a while to get used to.” The girl seated next to me said.


Then right as I got used to being in class, the bell for second period rang.