Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

Grace Snyder, Dedicated Writer


“Yes, yes, yes,” muttered the old hag.

“MYRA!!!” She suddenly screeched. 

Another old hag, quite like the first one, appeared in front of the first in a tuft of smoke.

“Yes, Ocrich.” She gurgled. 

“It’s time. This girl, Amelia, seems to be the worst heir to the throne we have ever seen! It’s time for her to face Liveingend.”

“Yes, Ocrich. This Amelia girl will come out of this, if she does, as the best ruler Glathendoor has ever seen!” 

As Myra disappeared once again, Ocrich went back to looking at Amelia. Her Book of All-Seeing was open to the royal family chapter, and on the next page, Amelia’s sister, Evelyn lay in her crib, babbling to herself. Amelia, on the other hand, shows signs of disturbance. She cringed and opened her mouth in a silent scream. Ocrich watched Myra’s magic swirl around Amelia. As the sun rose, and Amelia’s eyes flickered open, she disappeared into a cloud of pink smoke. Her journey has begun. Ocrich smirked as she watched Amelia’s servants walk into the room, carrying her breakfast. One dropped the glass plate, and it shattered, eggs and gravy staining the floor. Another screamed and ran away to go tell the king and queen. And the final servant fainted, falling down next to the one that was frantically picking up glass and egg shards.

But the fun has just begun. 

Chapter One

The First Hour


Death, death, death, everywhere. Mom, Dad, Evelynn… no, no, NO!!!

Amelia jolted awake, her screams echoing in the strange room she was in.

Amelia looks around the room, confused. Her normal castle suit was gone. Instead, she found herself in an old wood cabin, that seems to be straight out of a horror movie. Instead of the warm, cozy, mountain cabin, Amelia was used to, She was now faced with a gray, unstable cabin, with mold and lose nails hanging from the ceiling. Amelia wanted to barf.

Amelia had spent all her life being pampered up in her castle, overlooking Glathendoor. Her mother is the queen of Glathendoor, and her father is the king. Her little sister, Evelynn, is 2. Her long, golden yellow hair already reached her waist. 

Her mother, with kind gentle, brown eyes, and short brown hair and spent long, late nights watching Evelynn. Her father, bright, blue eyes, and a loud booming voice that distracted you from his gray hair. Then there’s Amelia. As heir to the throne, she has always been pampered. Her long brown hair, and sweet, almond-colored, round eyes, and a smile to charm just about anyone, was all she had ever needed.

But now, she’s in a world. A different world. One with no pampering. No light.  

Amelia got up and looked around the room, trying to keep a cool head.

Wait, that carving,  Amelia realizes. An eye with a line cutting through the middle. The sign of the prophecy… wait. No. NO! The prophecy was supposed to happen in years!!! As heir to the throne, she was expected to have the Livingend prophecy memorized. 

The heir to the throne

Once we have decided,

Will face the challenges,


As with every hour,

Of untold disaster, 

Of Livingend.,


Amelia ran out of the old room. 

“I have to get out of here!” She muttered to herself over and over. 

She walked through the maze of rooms. Ending up right where she had begun. 

“This is just a dream. This is just a dream.” She said to herself over and over, growing louder and louder until she was screaming it.

“This is just a dream!!” Amelia screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Mmmmm, I doubt that.” A voice said, jolting Amelia out of her trance.

“What, huh? Who permitted you to speak!” Amelia said, whipping around to be face to face with an old woman, who had witch written all over her. 

“You have no authority here, Amelia.” She growled

“How do you know my name!”

“I have been watching you. I have been waiting for the pampered, irresponsible princess to bring here.” The witch smirked.

“What!?! How dare you call me irresponsible” 

The witch ignored Amelia.

“ As you know, this is Livingend. Every hour, a disaster hits Glathendoor, and you get switched to a different setting. If you can make it out within 6 hours, I will bring everyone that died back. If not, more will keep dying until you get out. You have 45 minutes left in this hour. I would hurry. Each set has different challenges. This challenge is a maze. ”

“WAIT! You can’t just leave me here!” 

“ My names Myra,”

Then, without another word, Myra disappears into a cloud of blue smoke. 

“Seems like an awful lot of drop on someone the second they wake up,” Amelia muttered.

Amelia looks around the room for an exit to the maze, but the only thing she sees is five doors opposing her. Each door seems to have a carving on top. The first, with the Livingend eye, the second with a small spear, the third with a dragon, the fourth with a sheep, and the third with a bundle of hay. 

“What am I supposed to do with this!” Amelia exclaimed. Amelia studied the symbols. 

“ Well, I guess I’ve tried the eye, so let’s go with the…  spear.” 

Amelia stormed through the hallways, determined to get out and show the witch whose boss. 

Amelia felt like she was getting closer and closer. Amelia  caught a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. 

Yes! She thought.

And, Amelia stood facing the doors again. 

“Come on!” Amelia screamed.

Amelia felt her emotions overwhelm her. 

Amelia sat down and bawled. 

She cried and cried, until, she realized, she needed to stop. 

She was going to save lives. 

She would be a hero. 

But first, she needed a way out of here. 

Amelia sat up and studied the symbols on the doors. 


Sheep… eat hay! 

Amelia’s mind flashed back to the barn outside her house. She never dared to go inside, due to the uncleanliness of it all. But she remembered the one time she dared go in, was to show Evelyn the animals. She remembered feeding the sheep. They had explored the whole barn. As they walked out, Amelia had glimpsed the farmer they hired stabbing, and impaling, the sheep with a spear. Later that night, they had lamb for dinner. The sheep eats the hay, the spear kills the sheep… and stabs the eye! And the dragon burns the spear! Amelia ran into the dragon door. The bricks behind her started to fall away. A voice cackled in the background. 

“Times up, times up, time up!” The voice seemed to smirk. 

Amelia screamed and tried to run faster, trying to outrun her impending doom. In front of her, she could see another set of doors with symbols. Then, suddenly, everything around her collapsed, and her scream echoed through the dark. 


Chapter 2

In Ocriches Cabin

“Well, Myra,” Orcirch murmured. “You have really outdone yourself this time. And this Amelia girl is smarter than she lets on. She just needs some help with her emotions. But she still failed.”  Ocrich flipped to a different page in her book. 

“My, my. The weather does seem nice today.  Why don’t we give this summer day a blizzard? They need some variety.” 

Orcirch waved a bony hand over the book, and snow clouds formed over the kingdom. The wind howled as the snow and hail beat down on the people of Glathendoor. Their screams could almost be heard through the book, much to Orcirchs delight. 

“Now,” Orcirch muttered to herself, “Let us see what Myra has in store for the princess this time.”