Holiday Survey


Alyssia Litzau, Dedicated Writer



We put together a fun holiday survey asking students a series of “would you rather questions” plus a few other holiday related questions!  We also have a list of gift ideas at the end of this story, in case you are looking for ideas!

56 students completed this survey
23% 8th graders
67% 6th graders
0% 7th graders

When it gets chilly outside, it will be time for a tasty warm drink – would your rather have hot cocoa or hot apple cider?

84% hot cocoa

26% hot apple cider

Once the snow comes, would you rather build a snowman or have a snowball fight?

71% have a snowball fight

29% build a snowman

For those who celebrate Christmas, would you rather open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

93% open Christmas morning

7% open Christmas Eve

Would you rather have a candy cane or a holiday cookie?

70% Holiday cookie

30% Candy cane

Would you rather be an elf or a reindeer?

54% Reindeer

46% Elf

Two weeks of vacation is coming up! Pick THE TOP ONE of the following that would most likely be a BIG part of how you spend your free time!

36% Playing video games

20% Watching movies

18% Playing outside/doing outdoor stuff

13% Baking

12% Talking with family and friends

2% Reading

To get into the holiday spirit, would you rather put up your Christmas tree first or get started by watching a Christmas movie first?

69% Put up tree first

16% Watch movie first

15% other

Here is a list of gifts people said they would like to receive this holiday season:

I want an Apple watch
A fuzzy winter hat or a spiky log plushy
A pogo stick
Art things
Scooter grips
A laptop
Another musical instrument
Scary books or other thing that are scary
Air pods
A electronic scooter
Gru or Shrekky
An Aerial Sling! It’s used to show tricks, flips, and drops!
A Ranboo Varsity Jacket
A Nintendo Switch
A soccer rebounder
New lipstick and teddy bear
XBOX Series S
Raycon earbuds
A new chair
Video gamea
New shoes and clothes
Youtuber merch
A big bean bag
A $3,705.30 bike.