The Cursed Jacket


Aiden Tesone, Dedicated Writer

The Cursed Jacket 

By: Aiden Tesone


In the city, a man just wants to be alone but he is sort of a celebrity. He heads down an alley and sees a leather jacket in a dumpster. He examines it, and sees it has his name on it: Jason. It was like he was destined to put it on. When Jason put it on he accidentally bumped into someone. 

“Sorry!” Jason said, when he looked back up the person he bumped into was confused. 

“Who’s there?” Jason now realized that this jacket made him invisible 

“I was meant to wear this!” The man heard Jason and said 

“Where are you?” Jason booked it towards his condo and took a look in the mirror. “Woah! It actually works!” Jason was shocked when he saw that the jacket actually worked! He took it off and he could see himself again. Jason could barely sleep because of how excited he was about his discovery.

The next day Jason is excited to use the jacket. He puts it on and steps outside. Jason has one goal in mind and that is to mess with his competition. He is a baseball player and he will call in sick.

“Hey, coach I can’t come in.”

“What! Why? You are our best player!”

“I am like really sick I don’t want the team to get sick.”

“Ok, if you are that sick that’s fine I will find a substitute.”

“Thanks, coach!” It worked and now his plan could come into action! That night they fought in the finals. He didn’t do anything until 2nd ending when the other team got a good swing. He get into action and tripped the runner.

“AHHH!” The coach’s all ran over to the player

“What happened?”

“I twisted my ankle, I don’t think I can play! Ahhh.” He didn’t mean to harm the player he just wanted to trip the player. Overwhelmed with grief he went back to his condo and took off the jacket with guilt.

“Why did this happen! Oh no oh no oh no. I will check if they won.” He turned the tv on and saw that his team won 30-21. But he still felt guilty about it. The next day he put the jacket back into the dumpster, ashamed over the guilt.

10 years later a man named Fred who doesn’t like being around many people finds a leather jacket in a dumpster with his name on it. He examines it and see’s that the name Jason is in dark and his name in gold. Fred puts it on and is amazed that the jacket turned him invisible!