The Game of Losing

The Game of Losing

Molly Montgomery, Dedicated Writer


Backstory and everything you need to know 

Savannah Smith, often called Sav (15), has a fear of losing her brother James. Some people, like James Smith (11), may think Savannah is overprotective. Sav is a 9th grader at Green Ridge High School going into 10th grade. James is in 6th grade at Bayside Middle School. {Not by a bayside}. Their mother Karry-Ann Smith-Gordon (her students call her Ms. Smith or Ms.S) is an elementary school teacher at Huntington elementary school and she teaches 3rd grade. Kerry-Ann’s husband Derek Smith is a professional baker at a bakery downtown called “The Sweet Spot, Candy and cupcake bar.”

Savannah takes after her father and loves going to his bakery with him every Saturday. They love to make fancy cupcakes. James likes to play video games with his friends. He likes hanging out with his family and either making dinner or watching shows with his family. Savannah and James are very close. 

When they both were younger they played and had a lot of the same interests. When they were younger Sav had a harsh childhood. Doing chores. Taking care of her brother. Being his mother really. This is what gave Sav a fear of losing James.

Derek was working at the bakery and taking over the business. As they got older Derek realized that Savannah was taking care of James and he decided to step down and hire a co-owner. Karry-Ann got put in a 3rd-grade class and not as a 7th-grade teacher. This helped the family a lot. The Smith family has a 2-year old puppy who is a Goldendoodle, her name is Leah. 

Chapter One: Playing Games 

The crowd is bunched up.

“James! This isn’t funny, we need to go home,” I say pushing through the crowd. I finally give up and push off to the side of the crowd. I sit on the dark blue bench to the side. I bunch up into a ball and start crying. 

“Savannah? Don’t cry.” I hear softly while someone is patting my back.

“James? Is that you?” I look up from my ball I see the dark blondish hair and his blue and black plaid t-shirt flowing in the wind with a blue plaid jacket. His head is down. The brown hair slaps him as the wind tries to wake him up. 

I woke up and surrounding me is a puddle of sweat. I turn to my alarm clock. I groan.

 I get up and go to the bathroom. Once I am in the bathroom I splash some water on my face to wake me up. 

“That was only a dream. Only a dream” I say, trying really hard not to cry and go wake my brother up.  

“I have to go see if he is there,” I say. I then tiptoe out of the bathroom and I bump to my mom 

“Sav! You’re awake this early? Oh, are you all right, I can go make you hot cocoa or tea or-?”

“Uhm no thank you, mom. But thanks for the offer,” I said, interrupting her and trying to walk away. She stops me.

“But you’re awake it’s 4:00 Am.” Mom says while going to check her watch.

“Oh okay well off to bed. Love ya!” I say fast trying to get out of this conversation as soon as possible. 

When I get into my room I sit on my bed and try to calm down. I take deep breaths and reassure myself.

“He is okay. He is okay,” I say calmly. I hop off my bed and head to my desk and open up my laptop and do the extra work I have. 

“Knock knock” I hear at my door.

“Sav, are you up?” I hear muffled at the door but I can make out everything he is saying. He opens the door and I am sitting at my desk calm and quite happy.

“Yea dad whatcha need,” I say and turn my face and my long black hair slaps me and wakes me up. Dad chuckles. 

“I am going to go make Breakfast, are my famous Chocolate banana chip pancakes all right. And go wake your brother up, okay hon.” My dad says rubbing his stubby brown beard with the back of his hand.

“Yum! I love your pancakes. And also you have to go to the cafe right?”

“Nope, I have to stay home today. I have Luke working my shift today. I just have been working so hard, and he insisted I take a day off.” Dad says cheerfully.

“Well, that’s nice. I am going to wake James up.” I say and then get up and head out to my brother’s room.  

I knock on the door and I don’t hear anything back

“Oh dear brother of mine,” I say waiting for him to answer 




I burst into his room, I opened the door and slammed it. I hear my mother’s voice in the background yelling at me for slamming the door. I ignore her. This is more important I don’t see him. I run to his bed and pull the covers off, he isn’t there. I sprint down the hallway and run down the stairs. 

“MOM JAM-” I panicked once I got there but then realized something.

“Sis ready for some pancakes,” James says excitedly.

“What Savvy?” My mom says sipping her coffee.

“Um uh Nothing,” I say. “LEAH! COME HEARRRRRRR” I said to break the silence. I hear her hopping off of my parent’s bed. I hear her thumping down the stairs.



        THUMP” I hear down the stairs. 

Once Leah is downstairs she jumps up onto me. I start moving her hands like she is my dancing partner. I start swaying right to left, right to left with her. Leah jumps off of me and runs to the front door. I chased her down. 


“WOOOF WOOOOOOOOOF WOOF WOOF GRRR WOOF!” Leah barks at the mailman. I pull her back and wave at the mailman calmly and nicely. Leah is barking and saying  “GRRR!”

“WOOF WOOF WOOF Grrrrrrrrr!” Leah barks. The mailman is walking away. I give Leah the stink eye. She hangs her head low, walking back to the kitchen where Mom, Dad, and James are sitting. 

“Who wants Pancakessssss,” Dad says in a sing-songy tone. 

“I do I do I do I do!!” James blurts out. 

“Uhh, I am good.”

“You feeling alright boo?” Mom asks 

“I am going to go uhh um sleep.”