Student Councils Goal

Student Councils Goal

Molly Payne, Dedicated Writer

The Members of Student Council are all working to make positive changes for our community. But what are their opinions on the club?  


Leaders who help support Student Council members, Core Representatives who inform their cores with information Student Council is spreading to the school and Commissioners who work as hard as anyone else in Student Council to offer the President’s idea and put these ideas into motion. They have all been working hard to brainstorm ideas to donate kindness to our community. So far we have some amazing ideas that we hope to put into motion in the future. 

“We act as leaders to help students feel like they have a positive effect on our school”

Donations, parties, spirit weeks, picnics, events, and more have been suggested to the President, Jericho Bondi, and the Vice President, Kailyn Cooper.  


They keep these suggestions in mind and make sure to plan more on it so that our school can work together to create an amazing future.  

Our jobs are to design posters, make videos to broadcast to our school, create ideas for events, and more. But there wouldn’t be any point to do this for our school without a reason.  And for most of us, the only reason is wanting to help out by making the education here at Westlake a little more exciting, so that students won’t beg their guardians to let them stay home, maybe because of an upcoming test, or their energy and enthusiasm was hibernating for the day. We hope that kids will walk into our school ready for the day, prepared to learn and hang out with their friends. And just by doing that the positivity is flowing through the school. So actually, why students want to join the student council is because they hope that by helping out they can allow every person who is in Westlake to feel okay, and excited for what the new day will bring.  

These little changes are already happening, the dance was filled with exciting costumes and singing and dancing. (Especially when Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley came on) Thanks to the amazing teachers, staff, students, and parents who helped out to create this fun dance, many students brought money to school. The lines for the tickets at lunch were huge, and the dance was sure not empty. There were “Over 600 students at the dance” according to Mr. Price, the Principal.

Student council hopes to plan more events like this in the future since the dance was pretty successful. Either it’s another dance, many more spirit weeks, donations, food drives, parties, and more. We hope that all students will be spreading positivity each and every day at Westlake.


Thank you to all of the members of the Student Council!