Animals You May Not Know About #1: Leaf Sheep!

Olivia Hornsby, Editor

While many of us think we know a lot about animals, there are a lot of animal species that not many people know about. This series of stories is going to teach you about really cool animals from all corners of the world that you might not have heard of! Enjoy!


What is a Leaf Sheep?

The first animal I’m going to tell you about are leaf sheep! Leaf sheep are not actually sheep (actually, not even close!) – they are sea slugs!   These underwater animals live between 9 and 18 meters below the ocean’s surface, or around 30-60 feet down.  They live at that level because the sun can still reach them there, which is essential because leaf sheep can actually photosynthesize! They are one of the only known animals to do so. If you don’t know what photosynthesis is, it’s where living things (usually plants) turn energy from the sun into energy for their body. It’s kind of like eating the sun. Leaf sheep need to live close enough to the sun so they can get that energy to function.

Fun Facts About Leaf Sheep

-They can also be called sea sheep, leaf slugs, and bunny slugs.

-What looks like their ears are actually what they use to detect scent and taste.

-They are only about a 4th of an inch big.

-They mainly eat sea algae, and when they eat it looks like they’re grazing.

-Leaf sheep were only discovered about 3 decades ago.

-Leaf sheep are pretty popular, with many drawings and YouTube videos about them.

-Leaf sheep are found in oceans around Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines



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