What’s Happening With Student Council?

Whats Happening With Student Council?

Molly Payne, Dedicated Writer

For the next three weeks, I will be providing you with updates on the weekly student council meetings.  The Student Council meeting on January 24th, ran into some difficulties with the meeting since the wifi wasn’t working that day.  Instead of going over the slides created for that day, we switched to a no-device meeting.  We brainstormed new rules and expectations for the new semester and went over our plans for January and February.


Currently, there is a door decorating contest going on, which is Valentine-themed, and it’s looking great.  If you get a chance I highly suggest walking down the halls looking at teacher’s doors to see all the creative designs.  The voting to judge which staff has the best door will happen on valentine’s day, February 14th. 


Another thing we are planning is a donation event for the people who were impacted from the Marshall fire, in order to give them the supplies that they may have lost.  Student council is working with NJHS to do this, in hopes that this donation will be very successful and help a lot of families in need, since this fire affected many people.


And finally, we are preparing to celebrate this valentine’s day with a nursing home.  Most of the people in nursing homes don’t get visited often, and don’t get to have a joyful valentines day, so we plan to bring them a little happiness this year.  Drawing them a picture, writing them a kind note, and if you’re really committed, getting a small gift, these are all ways we can make someone’s valentines day even more delightful. So far this is all we have discussed for January and February, but new ideas are considered every meeting.