Ashley Long, Dedicated Writer


This week: Tomato Frog, Amazon Milk Frog and The Bumblebee Dart Frog.

      There are over 5,000 types of frogs. This is a great beat to read to expand your knowledge on different types of frogs! They are very unique creatures. Even though they are all amphibians, they are very different from each other.


Number one: The Tomato Frog

Tomato frogs get their name from their striking colors. The Tomato Frog’s scientific name is Dyscophus. Tomato frogs are usually an orange or red color. They measure from 2.5 to 3.5 inches or 60 to 90 millimeters. Females weigh about 8 ounces, males can weigh about 1.5 ounces.  They can release a toxic secretion through their skin. They are exclusively found in Madagascar. Their diets consists of Insects, Insect Larvae and Worms. They spend most of their time burrowed under leaves and mud. If you have the right habitat and living conditions, these frogs make great pets! These unique frogs can live up to over seven years.  


Number two: The Amazon Milk Frog

The Amazon Milk Frog’s scientific name is Trachycephalus resinifictrix. The frogs have a gray and white striped body and some have golden colored eyes. They can be found in the Amazon Rainforests of South America. They Measure from about 2.5 to 4 inches. They Weigh about 4 to 5 grams. During the day, these frogs stay hidden under leaves and vegetation above streams. Their diet consists of flies, worms, crickets and a variety of small insects. They spend most of their time high up in the canopy of rainforests. These frogs are enjoyable and easy to keep as pets! These Majestic frogs live to be eight years or more. 


Number Three: The Bumblebee Dart Frog

The Bumblebee Dart frog’s scientific name is Dendrobates Leucomelas. They get the name “Bumblebee” from their black body and yellow stripes and dots. They measure from about 2 to 3 cm. They live in forest floors in South America. They spend most of their time in tree hollows, moss, leaf litter and tree hollows as stated earlier. Their diet consists of tiny crickets, springtails and fruit flies. These frogs are not the best pets, since they are poisonous. These Beautiful frogs can live eight to ten years.


Therefore, all of these beautiful unique frogs are very eye-catching and interesting. Even though not all of the frogs are great pets, they are fun to learn about!