Art Styles #2

Art Styles #2

Megan Dam & Giulia Panelli, Dedicated Writer


Cubism is an art style in paintings that has characteristics such as the many different shapes and the usage of the 2D surface.  You can see in the picture on the left (“Weeping Woman”) that it uses vivid and neutral-toned colors. This type of painting gives off a more pristine look. 

Cubism breaks up the painting into many different shapes. It portrays the painting in a different manner. This type of art style decomposes the painting into geometrical shapes to help give it more perspective and an impression. Cubism itself has three different styles: Cezanian, Analytical and Synthetic. Below are examples of each. 

Cezanian –  “Carriere de Bibemus” by Paul Cezanne
Analytical – “Ma Jolie” by Pablo Picasso
Synthetic – “Three Musicians” by Pablo Picasso