Interesting Pets at Westlake


Addyson Burkholder, Dedicated Writer


Bella is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu. In 2019, sometime in fall, Bella’s left eye started to swell up, and turn red. Mrs. Cianfrance decided to take Bella to the dog ophthalmologist. They diagnosed her with glaucoma which can happen when you damage an octave nerve. They gave her some medicated eye drops to try saving her eyes but soon realized it could not be saved. In August of 2020, she had surgery to have her eye removed, however she quickly recovered and was able to live her best life with one eye.  A few months later, they noticed that she was very timid and bumping into things. By April 2021 she was completely blind. She still does have a very active life though. She knows her way around our house and can find her bed, her food and water and the back door to let them know if she needs to go outside. She loves being in the back yard where she can freely wander without bumping into things like she does inside. Mrs. Cianfrance says that she looks like a Roomba vacuum when she bumps into walls and changes direction. She also loves riding in her dog stroller, pictured below. 

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