Student Council Update – March

Student Council Update - March

Molly Payne, Dedicated Writer

February has finally come to an end, so let’s go over some of the fun things Student Council did, and then look at what they are planning to do in the future.

As you know the Door Decorating Contest has come to an end, and the results are in!  The winners are…

Mr. Angelopolus for the most liked door.  (He was my personal favorite as well).
Ms Seckendorf for most colorful door
Ms. Townsend for most creative!


Even though there were only a few winners, all doors that competed were amazing and perfectly captured the Valentines Day concept.  

Next, let’s talk about the notes that were on everyone’s locker on February 14th.  At 8am on the 14th Student council joined together to decorate the halls with those inspiring, positive messages.  Thank you to everybody in Student Council who participated and for working hard to make somebody’s day! 

Now that we have gone over February, let’s head into March, which has many fun activities and events planned.  Currently, Student Council members are brainstorming ideas for a Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt and a spring themed Spirit Week, So get ready for a fun month!  And not to be forgotten, spring break!  March 19th through March 28th is Spring Break! Don’t forget to come back to school on March 29th.  Start planning some fun things to do over spring break!  Thank you for reading this student council update, have a nice day 🙂