Gifted and Talented Club: Destination Imagination Tournament!

Olivia Hornsby, Editor

Destination Imagination Tournament

Westlake’s Gifted and Talented club is sending three teams to the Destination Imagination regional tournament this Saturday. Please wish good luck to the FBI Axolotls, the Imagineers and the Service Saplings! These students have been working so hard all school year and are ready and so excited to represent Westlake. 


Westlake’s Imagineers Team had to develop a structure that rolls down and ramp and then can have weight placed on it. They also had to develop a story about a legend that incorporated two team choice elements, their structure and a rotating object. They plan to do a gymnastics routine and play drums for their choice elements.

Team members include Evelyn Jacobs, Kailyn Cooper, George Persico, Brendan Straub, Atticus Wick, and Keller Sears.


Westlake’s Fine Arts team – the FBI Axolotls – is performing a play they wrote. The story had to be about a trickster and had to include a costume transformation and a They created their own background and costumes for their plan. For their team choice elements Elise Crumbley is singing a song and they are performing a card trick.

Team members include: Elise Crumbley, Alexa Vissers, Jayda Roll, Alessandra DiDonato, Deacon Bocis, and Sidharth Senthil.


Westlake’s Service Learning Team – the Service Saplings – had to plan for a way to help our community. They are passionate about planting trees in areas affected by forest fires. They have already raised $80 to donate to an organization that plants one tree for every dollar donated. They also had to write their own science fiction story. In their story they address animals that are impacted by deforestation and they had to make a message transmitter.

Team members include: Megan Dam, Grace Snyder, Giulia Panelli, Aiden Rolon-Potts, Owen Folkerts, Georgia Williams, and Lillian Jacobs.


Here are pictures of the teams and the tournament!




First place: Service Saplings

Second place: FBI Axolotls

Congratulations to everyone involved!