Top Current Baseball Players: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Top Current Baseball Players: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Thomas McKevitt, Dedicated Writer

Meet Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Baseball players are good for different reasons. Some of them are power hitters, while others are amazing fielders. Some of them are good because they throw hard and others because they are really fast. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is one of the best in the game right now.  He currently plays first base for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.  is only 23 years old. He blew baseball away last year with 48 home runs and 111 RBI’s. RBI stands for runs batted in. His batting average was .311. This means he got a hit 311 out of 1,000 at-bats. This is really hard to do. A really good batting average is 300. Guerrero’s batting average is elite. 

So far in the 2022 season, Guerrero has 5 home runs, 12 RBI’s, and a .352 batting average. He is tied for 4th in home runs, tied for 11th in RBI’s, and 11th in batting average. He is tied for 9th in hits. These stats are very good, especially since he has only played 16 games! His team is currently tied for 1st in their division. 

Guerrero was the #1 prospect in the MLB a few years ago and he has already surpassed the highest expectations. He is one of the most electrifying young players in the MLB.