Pie in the Eye is Back!

Pie in the Eye is Back!

Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer


Pie in the eye is an annual PBiS fundraiser. The money raised will be used to buy items for the Westlake Buck Cart, for prizes for the winter and CMAS raffles and other student rewards.  Check back daily for leaderboard updates! 


  1. You must get the teacher’s approval and signature before starting to raise money to pie them. You can get a contract from the office or in the cafeteria.  
  2. You can get money from anyone.  This can be at school or at home.  Ask neighbors, have your parents take your can to work one day, ask relatives, take it to your weekend sporting events, etc.
  3. You are responsible for taking care of your money and turning in your money each day before and/or after school to Mr. Angelopulos and/or Mrs. Cianfrance in the front foyer.
  4. You are committing to collecting at least $20.00. If you do not collect at least $20.00 you will need to help clean up after the teachers get pie’d.
  5. Only collect money during passing periods or at lunchDo not disturb class to collect money.
  6. You will collect money from NOW until next Friday, May 20th.  
  7. If you collect $100 you will earn a prize.
  8. The 3 people who collect the most money will get to pie the teacher that signed their contract during halftime at the staff vs. student basketball game on Monday, May 23rd.


  1. Try to get teachers to go against each other. 
  2. Pick an adult in the building that you really enjoy and would like to have fun with.
  3. Decorate something or use a large ziplock baggie to collect money in! 
  4. ASK Everyone! 
  5. Take your container to lunch and collect money there.
  6. Team up with your friends to work together.

Thanks so much for your participation! If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Cianfrance, Ms. Wilson, Mr. Angelopulos, Mrs. Skolnick, or Mrs. Jimenez.