Goodbye To…

Goodbye To...

Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer

8th graders say GOODBYE TO…

Ella Roberts – The falling out of my chair every day.

Aaron Young – Rob the lunch monitor, I will always remember your fistbumps at the door to the lunch room. You are a super cool and funny guy, so goodbye.

Lizzie Banks – The fun field trips that had no point at all.

Mia Pecoraro – WEB meetings and all the fun events we put on for the 6th graders and the 5th graders getting ready for middle school.

Brendan Chalker – The amazing teachers I got throughout each year.

Alinze Varela – The staff members who gave me a welcome every day.

Timothy Canterbury – The Chris corner in Mr. Capra’s class.

Grace Dunford – The shivering cold lunch spent by the sketchy storage shed thing. The musty Westlake smell that is overwhelming when you walk in. The sound of squeaky shoes all day after a rainy or snowy day. The hottest room in the school where every student bakes for an hour and a half in.

Aria Nanda – My demon locker that never wanted to open but as soon as someone else tried it it opened immediately.

Aubrey Thoming – The dead bird that I found in my locker 6th grade. You were the reason my locker smelled so bad.

Mia Gisi – My crusty Air Force.

Brady Feauto – That fox that lives in the sewers that we sometimes see.

Kristian Georgiev – All the great memories I have made at this school with all my friends.

Naiya Kulprathipanja – The dress code that I never got dress coded by.

Finley Vigil – The locker I slammed my finger in when I was in 6th grade.

Rylan Fox – The gym classes for making really fun games for us to play. The recesses outside that you could mess around at.

Venus Carbajal Ponce – Wally the Wolverine. His stories are so amazing and makes me want a wolverine.

Alexander Osetek – Random websites I would find to play random games on because I was so bored.

Charlie Maffitt – The fun games we played in PE.

Zahdea Monette – All the interesting memories I made here.

Deisy Herrerias – All the teachers in Westlake and my friends.

Madeline Reynolds – All the memories made in this school with the friends I have made this year.

Eli Lacy – All the memories from the awesome bus rides in 6th grade. Hanging out with my brother on the bus and walking home from the bus stop with him and the games we would play while we would wait for the bus in the morning.  In 8th grade, passing on all those games to the six graders and seeing all them have fun playing those games.

Madison Hall – The table in the back of the cafeteria (I’ll miss you the most).

Leonel Torres – The soccer ball that I played with after lunch that made me have fun and clear my mind.

Tyler Stephens – To riding my bike to school.

J.D. Bates – Having fun with my friends at school.

Caitlyn Melby – Moving tables every year at lunch. Laughing with my friends outside on the basketball courts.

Ava Marshall – Walking the same pathway everyday for three years home after school.

Zach Bruckner – The long traffic lines to get out of Westlake.

Mariah Salazar – The fun lunch days that I created so many memories with my friends and goodbye to my favorite teacher that helped me make it through the year.

Jaxen Lowe – The gym basketball court where I played the student vs staff dodgeball game and where I played the student vs staff basketball game and dropped 30 on Mr. Capra’s head.

Olivia Vanhoutte – All my 7th grade friends.

Brendan Schaub – The slamming of lockers in the hallways. And goodbye to the teachers that had to put up with the slamming lockers.

Alyssa Knutson – Making new memories here in school or on the playground.

Eva Davidsen – Not having too many responsibilities and no homework.

Connor Murray – The Domino’s pizza.

Caley Baca – Sitting on the desks while eating lunch in Mr. A’s room.

Matthew Oakes – Proofs and postulates even though we will do them next year.

Callie Ward – My teachers.

Davis Klatt – Goodbye (hopefully) to bad lunch lines.

Lexi Williams – The hill I slipped down in the snow in front of everybody. Goodbye to the days in the lunch room where it was just me and my best friend.

Rylen Coates – Middle School Band. I will miss having easy music.

Ted Alfero – Goodbye to my pencil Fred, who ran away during P.E. one day.

Riko Burrows – The great memory of seeing my friends destroy the staff at the dodgeball game.

Jack Kurzawa – Service learning, and all the amazing teachers that helped through the years.

Lily Beuke – All the good memories I’ve made with new and old friends in the halls of this school.

Krystal Nival – The funny moments on the announcements. All the students who are going to Broomfield. Sitting next to Lily in class.

AJ Rosen – Not doing much homework.

Michelle Yang – All the memories that were somewhat childish, which helped me hold onto my last years as an immature person. Being stuck inside the cafeteria the whole lunch period. Eating snacks during class.

Annie Rainey – Jenna Murray. Good luck at Broomfield! 😀

Analisa Nelson – Chairs attached to the desks that never failed to creak like crazy.

Ted Second – The lunch table that I ate bagels on 🙂

Aiden Harper – The Westlake Way.

Ruby Clark – The chairs that will forever be cherished for cracking my back.

MaTed Homes – The people who would always stand by my locker and to the person under me who would always get hit by the door. I apologize.

Calvin Learner – Long school hours.

Skylar Bowry – The grass me and my friends always stand on at lunch when it becomes warm out, goodbye to Mr. Capra’s and Mr. Weber’s combining room, goodbye to story times by Mr. Weber.

Abi Stucke – Mrs. Skattum when I would go to her class after the bell and give her a hug. I am a hugger so I am going to miss her wonderful hugs.

Charlotte Hahn – For the first time, having a top locker as a tall person.

Pat Taytow – The pencils that I lost… wherever you are.