What 8th Graders Learned in Middle School

What 8th Graders Learned in Middle School

Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer

 What our 8th graders learned in middle school…

Aaron Young – I like to have interactions with people.

Lizzie Banks – The friends that you keep close will be with you for a long time.

Mia Pecoraro – Don’t worry about if everyone likes you or not.  Find a good group of friends and stick with them.

Brendan Chalker – Nothing about myself – just that my friends are nice.

Alinze Varela – That when me or someone is having a bad day, someone will notice and ask if I’m alright and it made me know that people care.

Timothy Canterbury – To always learn to the best of your ability so you can set up for the future.

Grace Dunford – Sometimes people can be mean, so be prepared.  The “popular kids are just as insecure as everyone else

Alex Nanda – I learned important things about myself.

Jayden Hardman – The more time you spend with certain people, the more they change you.

Aubrey Thoming – Everyone (including myself) is so caught up in what others think of them. If you just try to have fun in school, I promise that it will be so much better.

Richie Nelson –  That I am very personable.

Kristian Georgiev –  That I should take lots of risks no matter what because it’s a good learning opportunity.

Naiya Kulprathipanja – I learned that I am always second guessing myself or overthinking all the time.

Finley Vigil – Important things I learned about myself throughout middle school is I am a lot more sensitive than I thought I was.

Rylan Fox – I’ve learned that school could be really fun if you make it fun.

Venus Carbajal Ponce – I love Weezer.

Alex Osetek – I have learned that every person in the halls seems to turn into a giant wall and walk at the speed of a snail whenever you are late.

Charles Maffitt – Have fun.

Zahdea Monette – I’m a cool person, and that’s on drizzy.

Deisy Herrerias Zenteno – We all learn differently.

Maddie Reynolds – That you need to be you. Don’t change yourself for someone else. Don’t be someone else. Growing my self confidence.

Ted Second – I have learned that it is important to take deep breaths. Also that I am going to be a bagel salesman.

Eli Lacy – To never give up and that there is always a tomorrow to come.

Madison Hall – I learned that math is never fun without the bribery of movies and candy.

Leo Torres Almanza – I learned that we should not give up.

Caitlyn Melby – I learned to be myself, be friendly.

Ava Marshall – School is easy if you balance your fun with your work.

Zach Bruckner – I know one thing and it is that a lot of people don’t want to stand out in society, especially middle school because they think they are going to get judged.

Mariah Salazar – That once I put my mind to something I can do it. I learned that I’m not ready for high school yet 🙁 but time never stops so I’ll have to go on and face my fears sooner or later 🙂

Olivia Vanhoutte – That sometimes you can’t trust people.

Brendan Schaub – I have learned that middle school is short and you should enjoy it while it lasts.

Rowan Quinn – Lots of stuff changes, you learn a lot about yourself, and your friends might change, or people will change really quickly.

Alyssa Knutson – I learned that I shouldn’t care too much about what other people think.

Katelin Irwin – Some people can be extremely mean but others will be your friends forever.

Eva Davidson – I learned how to be more responsible with my grades and do my work on time.

Connor Murray – Middle schoolers love attention! (which makes sense).

Caley Baca – What I have learned about others is how other people act around their friends. Throughout the years people change friends which really shows their character and how mature they can be.

Matthew Oakes – One important thing I learned about myself is that I do not like online school.

Jerry Liu – I have learned to never trust people that don’t seem trustable.

Broden Kasic – Putting in any amount of effort will help a lot.

Caleb Jaramillo – Friends are nice.

Callie Ward – That you don’t know how someone really is until you talk to them.

Ted Alfero – I have learned that naming inanimate objects is very important to my happiness.

Gavin Koel – It’s not as scary as you would think.

Davis Klatt – I learned that the older you get, school lunches will stop filling you up unless you get more.

Lexi Williams – I have learned that I don’t need a lot of friends to enjoy going to school and that being popular is not what you want, just be yourself.

Rylen Coates – School isn’t that hard if you just pay attention and get a passing grade.

Riko Burrows – Everyone has their own struggles, it’s good to be kind and respect one another.

Jack Kurzawa – Don’t listen to what others say.

Lily Beuke – I have learned to be more social and less awkward.

Krystal Nival – Always be true to yourself and cherish the time you have with people.

AJ Rosen – I learned that I hate hot lunches. I got it on my first day of middle school, got no time to eat, and then was starving the whole day. Just pack a sandwich or something.

Michelle Yang – I learned that I don’t have to worry about being social with others, because for some reason, everybody is an extrovert in middle school and will most likely go up to you to talk instead of the other way around.

Annie Rainey – I learned how to let go of old friendships that were no longer needed, and make new friends who make me very happy. Friendships all come and go 🙂

MaTed Homes – I think one of the most important things I have learned throughout middle school is to trust youself and others.

Analisa Nelson – The people you chose to hang around can have great impacts on your time. Choose the right ones. 

Ruby Clark – *sparkles* compassion *sparkles*

Calvin Learner – I want to become a psychic.

Skylar Bowry – To keep things to yourself and try to not create enemies with anyone and stay on top of your work.

Abi Stucke – I learned that I had ADD, it’s similar to ADHD but without Hyper. I also learned many tricks from my teachers to use during my education.

Charlotte Hahn – You make your best art in math not in art class, also reading is fun when the alternative is actual work.

Pat Taytow – That my name sounds like potato so I decided in 6th grade that my nickname would be potato. Isn’t it great 😉