Thank You from our 8th Graders!


Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer

8th graders say THANK YOU to…

Ella Roberts – Mrs. Patterson for being amazing during online classes.

Aaron Young – Thank you to Mr. Laird for truly getting me into the subject. I hated science but after your fun and interactive classes it’s my favorite subject.

Lizzie Banks – Thank you to Mrs. Beiland for making math fun.

Mia Pecoraro – Mrs.Franco, you were such a great teacher and your class was always my favorite to go to because it was so fun.

Brendan Chalker – Thank you teachers for helping me get through the year and being so kind and respectful. Sorry that my class was your worst/most disrespectful one (for 3 of 4 of my teachers).

Alinze Varela – Thank you to all my teachers in which they all provide me with a safe learning environment and gave me several opportunities to succeed.

Timothy Canterbury – Thank you Mrs. Beiland for helping me strive in math. Also for making me try my hardest in your classroom. (~__~)

Grace Dunford – Thank you to miss Anderson for being such an amazing art teacher and helping me learn so much.

Aria Nanda – Thank you to Ms. Franco for helping me unleash my creativity.

Jayden Hardman – Mr. Farquharson, Mrs. Beiland, Mr. Capra, Mrs. Hogan, and Mrs. Franco for the help you gave when I needed it and the fun days.

Aubrey Thoming – Thank you to Ms. Franco for helping bring out my love for writing and letting my creativity flow.

Richie Nelson – Thank you Ms. Hogan for being one of the only teachers who I felt like was there for me. When I was having a bad day or just down in the dumps, you always knew and asked if I was ok and helped me if I needed the help, if anyone asked a question you didn’t hesitate to help them and you always knew what to do when my class was out of control. I wish you were here for more of this school year.

Mia Gisi – Thank you to Mr. Capra and Mr. Weber for always believing in me and making me participate in class (even when I didn’t want to).  You always make class a little bit more fun.  And thank you for always letting me rant to you about anything and everything.

Brady Feauto – Thank you to the wonderful people that make hot lunches for people that don’t bring one!

Kristian Georgiev – Mr. Laird for being such a good teacher and always helping your students no matter what.

Naiya Kulprathipanja – Thank you to Mr. Weber for making my 8th grade social studies class fun.

Finley Vigil – Mr. Laird for being such an amazing teacher figure and helping all of your students no matter what.

Rylan Fox – Mr. Laird for making Science fun for me this year when i usually don’t like science.

Venus Carbajal Ponce – The band Weezer for helping me get through this school year by listening to their music.

Aidan Vong – Thank you to Brandon for making my year not boring along with Calvin.

Alexander Osetek – Thank you to Mr. Hall for making me genuinely enjoy and look forward to Math, and thank you to Mr. Austin for always being kind to me and always being helpful.

Charlie Maffitt – Thank you Ms. Kraus for helping me love math class.

Zahdea Monette – To all da supa coo teachers, y’all the bomb dot com ong, live laugh love frrr…

Deisy Herrerias – All the 8th grade teachers who helped me learn and helped me throughout the year.

Madeline Reynolds – Thank you to Mr. Weber for helping me boost my confidence to talk to others and communicate for help when I need it.

Eli Lacy – Charles Maffitt for helping brighten up my day when I feel down.

Benny Fackrell – All my friends.

Madison Hall – Mr, Hall for always bribing us with Jolly Ranchers and having a really fun class. Also thanks to Hadden Hatch (non-faculty member) for tolerating my inability to do math (44% decrease).

Leonel Torres – Thank you to Mrs. Cianfrance for helping me and believing in me since the first day of middle school three years ago.

Tyler Stephens – Thank you Mr. Capra for making class fun.

Caitlyn Melby – Thank you to Mr. Weber for making me laugh everyday.

Ava Marshall – Thank you to Mr. Weber for being such an entertaining teacher, and always asking me if I was okay. You were always really chill and made social studies a better subject to learn.

Zach Bruckner – Ms. Kraus for helping me through topics I didn’t understand and thank you Westlake for helping me become more mature.

Mariah Salazar – Thank you to Mr. Capra for actually making Social Studies fun and always helping me with my work and finding a way to make me and the whole class laugh. Thanks, Capra 🙂

Jaxen Lowe – Thank you to Mr. Sackett for developing my sports and health through P.E and thank you to Mr. Austin for letting me go in and get snacks and hangout.

Adair Sol-Miller – I would like to thank Mrs. Mary Fajardo for always checking up on me every school day I come to. It makes me push through the day. I love how nice you are to me and everyone else.

Olivia Vanhoutte – Thank you Ms. Franco for pushing me to try my hardest.

Brendan Schaub – Mrs. Dunford by helping me learn an instrument.

Alyssa Knutson – Thank you too Mrs. Kraus, I am so lucky to have had for 5th grade and 7th. Your class was so much fun and I will miss you so much.

Logan Rendell – All of the custodial staff for keeping our school clean you are all very under appreciated thank you

Katelin Irwin – Ms. Franco for being supportive and kind and helping me. Thank you Mr. Capra aka Mr. Cappy for being one of the best teachers out there.

Eva Davidsen – Thank you Westlake for being a good school to come to thanks to you. I enjoy coming to school every day. Most of my time at Westlake has been in Covid but when I came into school I enjoyed it.

Connor Murray – Mr. Weber for being such a great and fun teacher and never giving up on me or the rest of his class.

Caley Baca – Thank you to Ms. Franco for helping me become a good writer from all the essays we have done.

Izzy Galloway – Ms. Franco, for being the best Language Arts teacher out there. You were just really sweet and I hope you’ll do well with all the future waves of kids.

Matthew Oakes – Mr. Capra to giving me a good year in social studies

Jerry Liu – Mrs. Dunford

Caleb Jaramillo – Mr. Capra for being a good interactive teacher

Callie Ward – Mr. Hall, he made the class fun while also teaching us. Mrs. Georgia, she made class easy and fun and let me choose who I wanted to sit by.

Gavin Koel – Mrs. Franco for putting up with our tomfoolery for a whole year.

Davis Klatt – Thank you Mr. Capra for making class fun and interesting with your jokes and stuff.

Lexi Williams – Thank you to Mrs. Dunford for helping me grow to be a better musician and a better person overall.

Rylen Coates – Mr. Windham for being a cool band teacher

Pat Taytow – Thank you to the Tom Holland movies because whenever I had a bad day they would always get me through.:)

Riko Burrows – Thank you to my math teachers over 3 years, Mr. Kappan, Mr. Hall and Ms. Beiland for guiding me and setting me up for success in high school math.

Jack Kurzawa – Thank you to Ms. Mo you helped me through my weird middle school years and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for all the support and help.  You are a amazing teacher.

Ted Alfero – Thank you to all of the Jerrys for helping me stay positive this whole year.

Carter Przygocki – Thank you to Mr. Windham for putting up with my constant emails.

Lily Beuke – Thank you to Ms. Beiland for being such a nice teacher and giving me opportunities to grow in math.

Krystal Nival – Thank you Mr. Hall for always making me laugh and thanks to helping me find my love for math.

AJ Rosen – Mrs. Franco for letting me wear Airpods, they helped me focus on my work.

Michelle Yang – All my teachers, for trying your best to be fair and flexible, so we don’t stress ourselves out too much in school.

Annie Rainey – Mrs. Skattum. She has been a light in my life all throughout middle school, and she makes all her students feel loved and valued.

Analisa Nelson – Thank you to Ms. Franco for always encouraging me to do my work and helping me along the way.

MaTed Homes – Thank you to Ted Second for getting me through all of the rough days.  You are one of the best people I know.

Aiden Harper – Thank you to Mr. Windham who has always encouraged me to pursue my ambitions and encouraged me to stick with the band.

Ruby Clark – Ms. Wilson for epic days outside and tag around the classroom during CMAS.

Calvin Learner – Mrs. Franco for always being kind to her students.

Carson Barson – Mr. Hunsucker because he is cool.

Skylar Bowry – Thank you to Mr. Laird for always helping me when I needed it and keeping your patience with me and giving me feedback on things I can easily fix.

Abi Stucke – Thank you to Mrs. Boldini and her speech team for helping me get better with my speech. I have improved so much because of them, and I thank them for that.

Charlotte Hahn – Thank you to Mr. Weber for keeping me awake in social studies class.

Ted Second – Thank you to my fellow Ted triplets, Ted One and Ted Three for being pretty cool bros.