The Advice I Have is…


Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer

Advice from our 8th graders…

Ella Roberts – Keep your locker organized.

Aaron Young – Pretend you’re just at a normal day of school in 5th grade it really is pretty much the same.

Lizzie Banks – Have fun!

Mia Pecoraro – YOU GOT THIS! All the teachers are so nice and electives are really fun. 

Brendan Chalker – Don’t be afraid of 8th grade, the bully rate doesn’t go up (don’t quote me on that).

Alinze Varela – Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Timothy Canterbury – Don’t skip class because it will affect your learning and reputation at Westlake. 

Grace Dunford – Don’t be insecure and don’t try to be the super cool popular one because it’s not as fun as it sounds. And don’t date. 

Aria Nanda – Turn in your work and try your best. Don’t annoy your teachers either.

Jayden Hardman – Do your work on time, don’t get lazy.

Aubrey Thoming – Make friends! Even though you may be “antisocial” school is so much more fun when you have a friend.

Richie Nelson – Good luck and I promise it’s not that bad.

Mia Gisi –  Just don’t care about what people say about you.

Brady Feauto – It’s really not that bad if you think about it.

Kristian Georgiev – Be confident and make new friends and take risks.

Naiya Kulprathipanja – Try not to miss school, you’ll get behind.

Finley Vigil – My advice is that no matter what anybody says to you, your voice should be the only one that matters.

Rylan Fox – If you show up to class on time, do your work and turn it in on time, you’ll end up passing.

Venus Carbajal Ponce – Listen to Bladee or Weezer it’s gonna help.

Aidan Vong – Don’t try to fit in, don’t smoke, don’t disrespect, don’t be really weird.

Alexander Osetek – Do not get the hamburger.

Charlie Maffitt – Choose P.E. class.

Zahdea Monette – Be happy.

Deisy Herrerias – Come to school to learn to not play around like little kids.

Madeline Reynolds – Make friends!! You will hopefully have the friends you make with you throughout middle school. 

Eli Lacy – Be yourself and don’t let people change that or even some of your old friends and don’t be afraid to lose friends because people come and go and at the end you would find people that really like you for who you are and not someone fake.

Madison Hall –  Sixth graders, I personally do not have experience being a sixth grade Wolverine because I never was. I was a seventh grade transfer. And I know that some of you may be feeling scared about middle school (probably because of all the cartoons with middle schoolers as bullies) but I promise, the only thing you have to fear are the wet floors on rainy days (people like to squeak their tennis shoes, very annoying in the morning). Also, don’t take Spanish unless you are prepared for a lot of presentations, tests, and busywork. Finally, make an effort to make and keep friends. Real ones. Not the kind of friend who only uses you to copy off of your work or listen to their problems before ditching you. Finally part 2, I promise, the teachers ARE nice and DO want to help you with your problems. I understand that your counselor will be Mr. Austin this year? He is very nice and a good guy all around, so don’t be afraid to talk to him if you have a problem.

Leonel Torres – Don’t give up, do it or try it even if it’s hard, and always do your best. 

J.D. Bates – Don’t stress over grades or what people think.

Caitlyn Melby – Have fun, it doesn’t matter as much right now. 

Ava Marshall – Try to keep to yourself. Don’t get into any drama or some big fight over social media – it’s really not worth it.

Zach Bruckner – Just be yourself and don’t stress too much because middle school grades don’t count towards your future.

Mariah Salazar – Make new friends and find people who are willing to go through middle school with you! Have fun in your classes even though you may hate them, still enjoy them while you can because when you are getting ready for high school you’re gonna wanna wish you can just go back to those days. Make good connections with other students and your teachers. And be nice 🙂

Jaxen Lowe – Push through everything there will be some hard times and assignments but push through and you will get through. Middle school goes by really fast. 

Olivia Vanhoutte – Do your best and if you fail, attempt again in a different way. 

Brendan Schaub – I would recommend making friends and doing good in school. It will help you prepare for high school later on.

Rowan Quinn – You probably heard this a million times already but don’t get behind on your work, it’s a huge pain to take care of after.

Alyssa Knutson – Don’t put too much stress on yourself and also don’t grow up too fast because once you are where I am and you are about to go to high school you will regret it so much.

Logan Rendell – It’s not that bad.

Eva Davidsen – Be awesome you can do it. Talk to your teachers if you don’t understand they will always be there to help you.

Connor Murray – Be careful if you see a wet spot on the floor in the boys bathroom.

Caley Baca – My words of advice for incoming sixth graders is during passing period, have a way around for when you need to get things. Doing this keeps you more organized and less forgetful of your things. Keep this in mind. 

Matthew Oakes – Stay on top of your school work and pay attention. 

Jerry Liu – Don’t be stupid and take classes seriously.

Caleb Jaramillo – Stay for as long as you can.

Ryan Maness – Don’t fight people.

Callie Ward – Get to class on time. If you listen to your teacher and follow their instructions then they will be more chill with you and let you do more things.

Gavin Koel – Do your homework.

Davis Klatt – Ms. Smith has really fun electives so take those. 

Lexi Williams – Just have fun, and enjoy middle school while it lasts because the teachers and people at Westlake are all going to be a memory when you go to high school.

Jacob Piguee – If you have the chance, invest in rare fish and numerous uncles, and make to talk about the political and economic state of the world with adults.

Rylen Coates – Middle School is easy. It was like riding a bike. Except the bike was on fire & the ground was on fire & everything because Covid sucked.

Riko Burrows – Strong and trusting friendships make middle school a little bit easier.

Jack Kurzawa – Have fun.

Lily Beuke – Stay calm, it’s not that important and just have fun. 

Krystal Nival – Don’t overthink things too much, enjoy the time in middle school, and work hard to get good grades. 

AJ Rosen – Bring an extra pencil. I lost some during school and it helped.

Michelle Yang – Good luck, little ones. You just left some of your childhood behind, and you have to try to be mature. But don’t worry, it’s not that bad. Just be a good student and the year will pass by so quickly.

Annie Rainey – Don’t pretend to enjoy a topic to have something in common with your crush. 🙂

Analisa Nelson – DO YOUR WORK. I never did and it caused me way too much unnecessary stress.

Aiden Harper – Try your very best and do well in all your classes so that you can escape to high school.

Ruby Clark – Relax. It doesn’t actually matter that much, so just calm down.

Calvin Learner – Find your own style.

Skylar Bowry – To stay calm and it is only hard to get to your classes the first few days.

Abi Stucke – Don’t be afraid to share what you like to do. I shared what I did on my YouTube channel and a lot of teachers loved it, and they would like to see like yours, too. Share your creativity with others that you trust. 

Pat Taytow – Be kind to your pencils that you have, and watch at least one Tom Holland movie, they are very good.

Ted Second – Keep calm and bagel on.

Ted Alfero – Don’t procrastinate. I have a serious procrastination problem, and it has resulted in a LOT of lost sleep.

MaTed Homes – Three things… Make sure to always have fun with your closest friends. Get your work done so you do not get stressed out. And make time for the people that make you happy like Ted Alfero who will always lend me Jerrrrrrryyi the pencil, even if he does not have an eraser.