8th Grade WILLS – What we leave behind


Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer

The 8th grade WILLS are based off of what the 8th grade students want to leave behind – whether to a friend, a teacher, or a classmate. 

Lizzie Banks: I give luck to the future 8th graders that they may do well on the Cool Project.

Mia Pecoraro: I leave my Math notes to my little brother so he doesn’t fall behind.

Alinze Varela: I leave my fellow peers laughter.

Timothy Canterbury: I give my gum to Isaiah because every class he always asks for some.

Grace Dunford: I give my box of plastic babies and trolls to my best friend Lizzie so it brings good luck.

Jayden Hardman: I give my help, kindness, and sympathy to the people who need it.

Aubrey Thoming: I give my lunch to Wren because he never brings a lunch.

Richie Nelson:  I give my notebooks to my little brother to look at over the summer for when he goes to middle school after summer

Kristian Georgiev: I give my Spanish notebook to my little sister so she won’t struggle as bad as I did in the start of Spanish in 6th grade.

Naiya Kulprathipanja: I give my Expo markers to Mrs. Flowers because hers are always dried out.

Finley Vigil: I leave my old artwork to my grandma so she can hang it on the wall.

Aidan Vong:  I give my Spanish workbook to my little brother for when he gets to Spanish 2 because it’s pretty hard.

Madeline Reynolds: I give my hopes and luck to all teachers when it comes to the upcoming students.

Madison Hall: I give Michelle Hall my locker.  It is in a very convenient spot.  Treat it well, or else it won’t open no matter how many times you enter the correct combo.

Olivia Vanhoutte: I give my pencil to Caley because she always let me borrow hers.

Brendan Schaub: I give the “OCTOPUS” cello to someone new next year.

Alyssa Knutson: I give pencils/pens to Rowan because he has none and my gum to Alyson because she has none as well.

Davis Klatt: I give my brother advice and class locations because he will be a 6th grader next year.

Lexi Williams: I give my pencil grip to my friend who always has sores on her fingers from holding a pencil.

Riko Burrows: I give my expertise in middle school to incoming 6th graders.

Carter Przygocki: I give all of my remaining motivation to the incoming 8th graders, I hope some of them don’t get burned out.

Lily Beuke: I give my amazing uplifting spirit to those who will walk the halls.

Analisa Nelson:  I give a pack of pencils to Krystal since I always took hers.

Skylar Bowry: I give Alinze pencils because he never had one for math, until I ran out of them. I give gum to all my friends so that they are not be hungry until lunch comes around.

Abi Stucke: I give thanks to the teachers I had over the years in middle school and elementary.

Jack Kurzawa: I give my hat to all the teachers that wanted to take it.

Pat Taytow:  I give all the pencils I have lost throughout the years  and my best of luck to them because who knows where they are at this point in time.

Krystal Nival: I give my gum to people in need because I know they love it.

Charlotte Hahn:  I give my dime that I have had in my ID the entire year to Mercedes, the 9 hours of sleep I get to Wren and Anya, and my soul to whoever or whatever I just summoned from trying to learn Latin.