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2019-2020 Staff

Zoe Eastburn

Dedicated Writer


Dedicated Writer

Hi! I am so happy I have my own profile now! I'm so excited! Now I can tell secrets to you without my master knowing! If you're new, I'm Penny and I write for the Westlake newspaper! And I used my master's profile to make my diaries!...

Montana Lang

Dedicated Writer

Montana 3.6 is the result of a failed experiment at Westlake Headquarters. Due to the fact that information about our experiments must remain confidential, we can only tell you that this creature is sentient, aggressive, and EXTREMELY...

Leia Wilson

Dedicated Writer

I am a freelance writer for the Newspaper Club. I also like to read in my spare time, and I love to write. I hope to one day publish a book. I like dogs, turtles, penguins, owls, and more animals. My favorite sport is soccer and...

Bronwyn Lemm

Dedicated Writer

Bronwyn Lemm is a person who loves to walk her dog after dinner. She is a great organizer and can pull anything together last-minute. She enjoys reading, skiing, and snowboarding during winter....

Rebecca Koch

Dedicated Writer

My name is Rebecca Koch and I love to write short stories as well as poems. I like to read certain stories that interest me like some mystery books and love stories. I also love to watch shows like The Office and Parks and Recrea...

Isaac Kaup

Dedicated Writer

Isaac Kaup is a newspaper article writer who loves soccer and playing sports. He likes playing video games and drawing pictures. He enjoys reading books. You can contact him at [email protected] ...

Colin Womack

Dedicated Writer

Colin is a newspaper editor who likes gaming, movies and writing for the newspaper. He likes building in Minecraft during his spare time. He plays in the orchestra and likes playing the cello.

Braydie Thede

Dedicated Writer

Braydie Thede is a newspaper journalist/author who loves pets and enjoys writing for the Westlake Observer! She loves reading, running, and doing cheer. She also enjoys writing short stories for her family and swimming. She likes...

Carter Watt

Dedicated Writer

Carter Watt is a newspaper member. He likes to write, and do math. He VERY interested in the past and space too. He joined newspaper because he likes to make people laugh, write, and make new friends! He likes to make people smile...

Brooke Sturtz

Dedicated Rat (Writer)

Brooke Sturtz is an energetic, optimistic little bean who loves newspaper club, swimming, and her two dogs, and is an avid reader and writer- She's been doing Newspaper Club since 6th grade and also loves drawing and musical theatre....

Wally the Wolverine

Wally is Westlake's mascot and a writer for the Westlake Observer. Some of Wally's favorite things to do at Westlake are playing Dodgeball, participating in pep assemblies, solving algebraic equations, writing creative stories...

Phoebe Seitz

Comic Bee (Artist)

Phoebe Seitz is a comic artist who enjoys eating teeth, reading and saying nonsense words, and generally doing things that concern the people around her! She loves doll houses but not dolls, and watches horror movies in her spare...

Shivani Pujari

Co-Editor in Chief

Shivani Pujari is an editor for the Westlake Observer who also writes for it. She loves to read, write fiction, and be right in the middle of nature. She also likes to do all sorts of crafts in her spare time. Shivani is in 7th...

Lillian Blackham

Co-Editor in Chief

Lillian Blackham is a newspaper editor who loves cats and enjoys writing for the newspaper! She loves drawing comics and writes fiction stories in her spare time. She also enjoys reading and drawing anything. She likes to go skiing...

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