The Westlake Observer

2018-2019 Staff

Braydie Thede

Braydie Thede is a newspaper journalist/author who loves pets and enjoys writing for the Westlake Observer! She loves reading, running, and doing cheer. She also enjoys writing short stories for her family and swimming. She likes...

Carter Watt

Carter Watt is a newspaper member. He likes to write, and do math. He is VERY interested in the past and space too. He joined newspaper because he likes to make people laugh, write, and make new friends! He likes to make people...

Shivani Pujari

Shivani Pujari is an editor for the Westlake Observer who loves to read, write fiction, and trek the great outdoors. She also likes to do all sorts of crafts in her spare time. Shivani is in 8th grade and you can contact her at...

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