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2020-2021 Staff

Lydia Allen

Dedicated Writer

Lydia Allen is a first time writer for the Observer. She loves to craft, read, and hang out with her cat. Lydia is in the 6th grade.

Nicholas Jezierski

Dedicated Writer

I like to play football and all sorts of sports, I love writing and going outside. I like playing video games in my free time. I like to play board games with family and zoom with friends that moved away.

Conleigh Groce

Dedicated Writer

Conleigh Groce is a 6th-grade girl who loves to, read, write, and play most any sport. She recently started the newspaper club and very much enjoys learning new things every day! You can contact Conleigh at [email protected]

Abigail Smith

Dedicated Writer

Hello, my name is Abigail and I am very creative and love acting and being in skits. If I were to choose one of my favorite subjects it would have to be art or writing. I also really like baking and cooking. I have a guinea pig...

Victoria Bottner

Dedicated Writer

Victoria Bottner is a writer for the Westlake Observer. She loves to write, read, run, and does Krav Maga. She also likes all sports and tries to play them as much as she can in her free time, along with video games. Victoria is in 6th grade and you can contact her at vbot15...

Genesis Mejia

Dedicated Writer

I/Genesis am/is an adventurous person who also likes to read and write. I/she like/likes doing science experiments and much more. I/she enjoys writing and researching stuff. She/I like biking. My/her Gmail is [email protected]

Sophia K. Bell

Dedicated Writer

Sophia Bell is an author for the Westlake Observer. She reads a ton, loves to write, plays soccer, and is a total theatre kid. Sophia is in 6th grade and can be contacted at [email protected]

Tyler Odum

Dedicated Writer

Tyler Odum is a writer for the Westlake Observer. In his spare time, he loves Scouting with BSA Troop 337. He also enjoys reading and playing video games with friends. He is a member of several school clubs. He is an aspiring autho...

Lindsay Uba

Dedicated Writer

Lindsay Uba is a new 8th-grade writer for the Westlake Observer. Engulfed in endless fiction stories and graphic novels, she also loves to sketch — specifically with watercolor, pens, and colored pencils. Lindsay also plays...

Olivia Hornsby

Dedicated Writer

Olivia Hornsby is a 6th grader who is interested in writing for the newspaper because she loves reading and writing. In her free time, she likes to play with her dogs, be with friends and family, bake, do art, and lots more. She has...

Emma Smith

Dedicated Writer

Hi, my name is Emma Smith! I am part of the Westlake newspaper club and I am a newspaper writer. Some things about me are that I love to bake, do art, I love animals, and I really like to hang out with my friends. My favorite...

Aubrey Thoming

Dedicated Writer

My name is Aubrey Thoming and I like to write about climate change. I also like to read, draw, and LOVE TIGERS! I also like to make and grow different herbs in my spare time. I am in 7th grade and you can contact me at atho12...

Asher Robertson

Dedicated Writer

Hi, I am Asher, I have a cat and a dog. I also have a brother and sister. My favorite book is Matilda and my favorite book genre is fiction. I am very athletic and hope we can go back to school in the future.

Rachel Lee

Dedicated Writer

Rachel Lee is a dedicated writer in the Westlake Observer. Rachel loves cats and hanging out with her family and friends. Rachel also likes to write.

Charlotte Lussier

Dedicated Writer

Charlotte Lussier is a writer for the Westlake Observer. She loves to read, write, and play guitar. She also likes to draw and create graphic novels. Charlotte is in 8th grade and you can contact her at [email protected]

Kaylynn Waldron


Kaylynn Waldron is a newspaper writer who loves dogs and loves writing for the newspaper! She loves writing murder mysteries and sleeping in her free time. She also loves playing the trombone and binging Netflix. She likes to...

Carter Watt


Carter Watt is a newspaper member. He likes to write, and do math. He is VERY interested in the past and space too. He joined newspaper because he likes to make people laugh, write, and make new friends! He likes to make people...

Shivani Pujari

Editor in Chief

Shivani Pujari is an editor for the Westlake Observer who loves to read, write fiction, and trek the great outdoors. She also likes to do all sorts of crafts in her spare time. Shivani is in 8th grade and you can contact her at...

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